Thursday, August 16, 2007

Somebody please turn off the heat!

For years it was a point of pride with me that we didn't have air conditioning. In the middle of a heat wave, I loved saying to people, "Oh, we don't have air conditioning at our house."

By their reactions, I might as well have informed them that we lived in a tepee.

About five years ago, we gave in and put a window unit in the bedroom. It was heaven to sleep through the night comfortably, instead of sweating through the sheets with fans blowing hot air on us.

For two weeks now, the daily high temperatures have been around 100. My router has overheated and quit working more than once, and I finally left it disconnected until cooler weather. I know high temperatures are hard on computers. And nowadays, high temps are hard on me. In the evening, I've been pretty much just hibernating in the bedroom in front of the little TV.

So why don't we put in central air?

This old house has lots of problems. We hate to invest any money in it because one thing would lead to another, and we'd end up spending enough to build a new house, in the end. And we'd still be stuck with a house that has too-small rooms, two stories, and other problems with the layout that I'd rather do without.

In two years we're going to do something about the house situation, although I'm not sure what, just yet; we're considering our options. At our ages, something could happen at any time to influence the decision we make. In the meantime, I think another window unit is in order.

I keep thinking the hot weather will soon be over for this year, and we'll buy another unit next summer. But this heat wave is sure taking its sweet time leaving.


Anonymous said...

I know that I have as much as said "Enjoy your house" but as I read this entry I can identify with the desire for your later years to be lived out in comfort and free from agrivation. That's why we need to sell too. I could keep up with all that needs doing around here but I would be worn out and could enjoy nothing else, like reading and visiting on the web. Living in a dirty, cluttered house is no fun either even if it is "cool". The more space...the more dirt and clutter I have to agonize over.

Chiquita Banana said...

I also vote on another window unit. As I grow older, my heat tolerance is slim to none. When I was a kid, I loved the heat. I still do as long as it's on the OUTSIDE of my house.


Midlife Mom said...

With the hot flashes I have we HAD to install central air a few years ago or I would have thrown myself off the bridge! We are getting a bit cooler temps but the humidity is back today. YUCK! Put in a couple more window units, it will be well worth it and when you do something different for a house you can take them with you.

Astaryth said...

Now (or at least soon) might actually be the -best- time to look for a window unit. They should probably be going on sale soon as the demand will go down as fall approaches..

Donna. W said...

Astaryth, I've been thinking the same thing. Once this heat wave is over for good, the prices will drop. I vote for "soon" rather than "now" simply because they're probably selling like hot cakes this week.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in the country, up until about 15 yrs ago we had no ac. (except a small unit in my mothers room) But when my husband had a triple bypass the drs told us that he needed less humidity for his heart, we got the biggest window unit we could find and were so comfortable with it! Before that, we would go swimming every night around 10 and have a good nights sleep (above ground pool)

BarnGoddess said...

luckily the hot weather IS about over!

when we decided to buy a new home last summer it was because of the thngs you listed..our old house was ancient and it would have cost more to fix up than buying a new home! altho we did have AC in our old house.

your house from your photos looks like it is nice.

Believe me, Iam thankful we bought a new house and more land!