Thursday, August 23, 2007

My latest project

Thanks to digital cameras, I have taken literally hundreds of pictures during our motorcycle adventures.

Using Windows Movie Maker, I'm in the process of compiling the best ones and putting them in order on a DVD, for memories.

It will tell the story of how we got the fever for a Gold Wing from start to finish.

I'm pondering on what music to use as a background sound. I hesitate to choose the obvious "Motorcycle Song" by Arlo Guthrie, because it's seven minutes long and tends to grate on the nerves after awhile. Perhaps I'll use several shorter tunes, depending on how long the DVD turns out to be.

I even have a video I made once of one of our trips to Subway on "Two-for-Tuesday". I may incorporate that in with the still pictures, somewhere.

It's going to take awhile. Wish me luck.


Midlife Mom said...

We all will be looking forward to seeing your Best Of The Best pictures. I don't know any motorcycle songs so I'm no help to you. Good luck on your project!!

Tammy said...

The great thing about importing music in Windows Movie Maker is you can trim the music to fade wherever you want. So, put in your 7-minute song and fade it out after a couple minutes and fade in another music clip. I do this all the time and I love how it works!