Tuesday, August 21, 2007

passing along our motorcycle dream

There you see Bobby, the new owner of our Gold Wing Honda. As for what's going on in this picture, he just found out he can listen to the radio VIA his helmet, and he's jamming. Cliff is laughing. We feel bad to see our riding times gone, but we're very happy to see another couple so excited about getting our baby. Bob is 59, about the age most people seem to be when they buy a Gold Wing.

God bless them.


Midlife Mom said...

I think you're right to go with that gut feeling. Those feelings are usually right. I know you feel sad though and that it is hard to give up the fun that you two have had on the Wing. I liked how you talked about different seasons in our lives and that sure is true. I grieve my lost youth sometimes when I ache and things creak when I get up from my chair but it all goes along with the changing seasons in our lives. As long as I can crawl up on one of my horses I will be okay!! I do use a mounting block on days when the ole' knee is giving me fits too!

BarnGoddess said...

I hope the new owners have as much fun on the GW as you and Cliff did.

Celeste said...

Bye pretty blue bike. We will miss your rides.