Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Getting Libby ready to ride

I've been getting equipment ready for Libby's use: Arick's saddle had previously been used for riding a draft horse, so the latigo (that's the strap you use to tighten up the saddle) was too long to secure the saddle onto little Libby; yesterday we bought a shorter one. We had to hunt around the barn for a bit that was small enough for her, too. I know you're supposed to use a snaffle bit for breaking, but the two snaffles I have don't fit my filly. Cliff worked on a headstall to get it the right size, and I do believe we're ready to go now.

I bought a ridiculously cheap saddle on Ebay last winter to put on Libby when I ponied her beside Blue, but it really never did fit her right (that's what I get for buying "cheap", huh?). Since Arick isn't using his saddle... except on Libby... this rig will do nicely until I find out whether I want to invest in equipment for her.

While I had her looking so fit and ready, I decided to see if I could sit on her.

Yep. No problem. The only problem was, she wouldn't move, and I didn't have anybody around to encourage her (that's why there's no picture). But at least I can say I've been on her now. I was very impressed at the way she stood still as a statue while I mounted and dismounted. Believe me, that's a plus!

On another horsey note, when Cliff and I were taking our walk, we saw three birds (cowbirds perhaps) sitting on Blue's rump; he stopped grazing once, and looked around at them, then went back to grazing. Of course, I didn't take my camera today.


Midlife Mom said...

Libbie looks really good. She's going to make you a nice riding horse when she's finished her training. Great that she stood for you to get on and off, mine still will walk off on me if I'm not paying attention.

Oh how I wish you'd had your camera when those birds were on Blue's rump!!! What a shot that would have been. How about sprinkling some bird seed on there and trying to get them back for a picture! lol!

Astaryth said...

When I start a new horse I often don't use a snaffle at all at first, I just connect the lead rope to a well fitted halter.

Libby looks nice under saddle. Since you have done so much ground work with her she will probably not be much problem now that you are starting to ride. I find that if they trust you they usually just accept whatever it is you are doing... even if they think it's silly LOL!

BarnGoddess said...

astaryth, the last 2 horses I trained I used only a bosal. I will not use a bit again. Amazing what I just finally learned-geesh.

Donna, Libbie looks great. You are doing an excellent job with her. She is going to be one good riding horse. Blue will be jealous! I bet it felt great getting on her for the first time.

Oldqueen44 said...

That is a real plus. You must have done a good job with all your ground work to have her be so mellow for her first experience with someone on her back.