Thursday, August 23, 2007

I may be in trouble

Daughter and her hubby went to the (losing) Kansas City Chiefs game, so I'm at their house watching the girls. They require very little watching these days, and are presently in bed sound asleep.

Earlier I asked Natalie, "I need chips; are there any chips in this house?"

She led me to a certain cabinet and showed me the meager stash. I could tell it was the day before payday, because both bags were pretty near empty.

"Dad likes these," she said, pointing to the bag with the most chips inside.

I read the label: "Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch". I sampled a small piece.

Whoa!!! Those things were hot.

But one led to another, and here I sit at the computer with the bag almost emptied.

I wonder if my son-in-law will forgive me.

I'm sorry Kevin, really I am. Chips are outlawed at my house, and once I get hold of some I can't stop!


Celeste said...

You have fed him plenty of times. he better forgive you.

Rachel said...

Those spicy ones are pretty darn good, huh? LOL

BarnGoddess said...

haha I cannot keep those chips in my house! everyone here loves them 'cept me....I am no fan of Dorito breath.