Sunday, August 12, 2007

reunion day

With the high temperature forecast to be near 100 (again), we'll meet with some of my kinfolk on my mom's side in a city park a two-hour drive from here. I'll try to get pictures so we can do more of those then-and-now comparisons.

Grandson Arick did indeed get his pickup on the road last night in time to go out and do whatever it is young adults do on Saturday night/Sunday morning. He got the brakes put on the thing early on in the day yesterday; it was something else needing work that caused him and Cliff so much grief... something that forced them to remove the exhaust. I am not knowledgeable about automotive issues, and Cliff is still in bed, so I can't ask him.

Silly TV weathermen: Two days ago they promised a letup in these near-100-degree temperatures. Things were supposed to cool off next Thursday. Guess what? They've changed their minds, and these awful highs are now to continue at least through next week.

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BarnGoddess said...

have a good time. Looking forward to your photos, as usual!

stay cool if ya can...

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! You have been busy! Your cornfield 'adventure' cracked me up! No more coffee for you before a ride!! I have trouble getting on too, with my bad knee it's almost impossible without a mounting block or the bumper of my car! You Husband sure keeps busy in his garage!!! Glad they got the truck back on the road in time for Saturday night. Now what do young people do on Saturday nights??? I've forgotten!lol! Great pictures of the horses at the fair. Beautiful costumes on the Arabian horses!! I don't use electrolytes either, don't see the need for them. Buddy is back on bute. The farrier trimmed him a bit and it made him really sore. I feel like we've taken a step backwards but the farrier said this might happen. Sigh.... I wonder sometimes if this ever will end.