Saturday, June 08, 2024

Sweet rain!

When I woke up at 3 A.M. this morning hearing the pitter-patter of rain, I was so very relieved to have our latest drought end, and knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.  I was that excited!  

At times like these, I am always taken back to Eagleville, Missouri, when our Church of Christ was having a Gospel meeting.  They called it a tent meeting, but I remember being disappointed that it wasn't a real tent; it didn't have a roof, just three walls of canvas.  I was ten years old.  We were in the spell of a severe drought, and since we relied a lot on food from our garden, my mom desperately wanted rain.

Together, my parents had what was really a 24-hour job: They were the ones who helped folks in our area talk to one another on the telephone, the switchboard operators.  Anyone who had a long distance call had to talk to my mom (or sometimes my dad) and she would get them to whomever they needed.  People were considerate, and my parents seldom had to get up in the middle of the night unless it was an emergency... or some drunk guy calling his girlfriend, but that was rare.  Anyhow, my mom would pay some high school girl to sit at the switchboard when we went to church.  But I digress.

At the Gospel meeting we had sung a couple of hymns and had a prayer, hearing distant thunder.  The preacher started preaching, but he didn't get far.  It wasn't long until we all ran for cover, heading home.

We got in the car to drive the four blocks or so to our house.  Mother paid the girl who had been babysitting the switchboard, then she sat down and took over.  I stepped out on the front porch to watch the rain coming down, and I remember hearing my mother sitting at the switchboard, singing this song at the top of her voice:

Ever since then, when we get a much-needed rain, I am reminded of my mother's joy at the sound of rain.  It's one of my favorite memories.

By the way, I went out with the flashlight at 4 A.M. today.  There was over an inch and a half of rain in the gauge.

I've told this story here before, but it makes me happy in the telling of it.  

Just a little piece of my childhood.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I have always loved the sound, sight and sound of rain. When I was young I would run out to dance with the rain. Oh, sweet, sweet memories. Blessings, Penny

  2. I love the sound of rain at night when I'm cozy in bed. I didn't use to enjoy going out to work in it though. I was in a portable classroom, so I had to carry an umbrella to go anywhere.

  3. How funny Donna. There was a radio program my mother listened to every morning as she got the coffee going and breakfast for my father. She used to sing that song too.

  4. I love your memories that you share with us! I can just see that little ten year old girl hearing her sweet mama singing Showers of Blessings as she watched the rain coming down!

  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Oh how I love these old hymns. And miss them. Kaye

  6. Inspired by a recent blog post of yours, we picked and tilled up what remained of our peas and I planted some sweetcorn. We haven't had any rain in several weeks now and the ground I planted the sweetcorn in was powder dry for as deep as I wanted to dig so I had to water it myself last night. If all goes well, and we get some more natural moisture eventually, we might have some sweetcorn towards the end of August.


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