Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Been busy

We are back into a drought again; same old story.  So I am once again moving soaker hoses from one row to another, pulling up weeds or hoeing them down.  I make Alexa the timer for how long my soaker-hose does its job, so I don’t forget.

I pay for my time in the garden with pain, but thank God for Tylenol.  Here’s the thing:  I don’t have to have a garden.  But I have all the time in the world to do what I love to do, even if it hurts.  It makes me happy, seeing so many tomatoes on the vines.  I have found some signs of blight on the lower limbs of some plants, but I’m sure I’ll get some tomatoes off those plants before the blight goes too far.  I planted far too many tomatoes, but they are the prime reason I garden at all.  I come inside and start telling Cliff all my trials and achievements outside.  He told me once he can see how happy I am when I come in the house after gardening.  

For many years my Jersey cows kept me happy in the same way a garden does now.  I loved everything about milking cows, and they were real pets.  When they were lying down chewing their cud, I’d sometimes sit down on the ground and lean back on their belly with my eyes shut, until the flies that bothered them in summer decided to bother me too.  

Sunday evening a lady on Facebook said she was selling her goats because her daughter wanted to show goats, and she had to sell the ones she has to buy registered ones.  She mentioned some of them were milkers, so I messaged her.  I’ve had goats before, and I milked one of them long ago.  I told her I’d like a pregnant goat.  She showed me pictures of some of them.  The price seemed right.

However, she wanted me to by a wether (a neutered male) also, because the pregnant goat would “get depressed” without another goat; goats are herd animals, like cows.

I was halfway interested anyway, although I really didn’t want to pay $75 for a male goat I didn’t want.  But I told her I had to talk to my husband, and I’d see what he had to say.  He was sitting right beside me watching TV.  He has never really been a fan of goats, but he has told me at different times that if I wanted one, he’d put up with it.  I showed him the picture of the goat I would like to buy.  

When all was said and done, I decided to pass.  I’m smart enough to know at this time of my life, not everything I want is what I really need.

But I’m still laughing, thinking about someone worrying that a lone goat would be depressed.  Yes, goats and cows are herd animals;  but I’ve bought cows from a herd and brought them to a home when we had no other farm animal around.  They will spend maybe three days mooing and walking the fence; then they are just fine.  Goats are the same.  They miss their friends, then get over it. 


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I garden for my own enjoyment as well. Gary has always been sort of aggravated that I don't make Ellen get out and work in the garden more, and I know I should have over the years. But the garden is where I'd always go to decompress and clear my mind, so arguing with her out there was never on my radar. Rebecca in SW MO.

  2. I'm not as enthused about the act of gardening as I am about the acts of harvesting and preserving. Those are my jam. That is why I never have enough tomatoes planted even though there will be lots of tomatoes rot on the vine before I can preserve or give them away. Seeing my canning shelves full of preserved fruits and vegetables is something I never tire. Seeing a partially full shelf and knowing it will runout before next years harvest makes me vow to plant even more the following year so it doesn't happen again. Seeds are cheap, especially when I'm contemplating having to eat store bought spaghetti sauce.

  3. Aww, Gabe would play with the goat!

  4. I do think goats need a companion to keep them quieter.

  5. I know what you mean about want versus need (or want to handle). I love goat cheese and John's Texas daughter's family has goats. Overall, I wouldn't be much interested in doing the work. I wish I still gardened but now keep my planting to annuals only.

  6. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Glad you missed the goats. They stink! Galla Creek.
    Oh, Trump isn’t a Goat. He’s a g l o a t. Greatest liar of all time!

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Only a billy goat stinks. Wethers and females do not smell goaty at all.

    2. Anonymous4:57 PM

      That’s me, Donna. I like using duckduckgo as my browser, but it won’t let me sign in. I always intend to use Chrome for blogs, but I forget.


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