Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nice weekend

Saturday was a different kind of weekend day for us:  The pastor who has been with the Methodist Church four years now will be preaching at the church for the last time next week, and a new pastor is coming the next Sunday.  So we all met at Catfish Charley's, Wellington's only restaurant, to eat, courtesy of the Wellington Methodist church; even my husband was invited, and he has only attended once at my request, when the preacher had a couple to come in and sing.  The church doesn't have a lot of attendees, but the people, mostly senior citizens, are the best; we hate to see this couple go.  Attendance can vary from six to twenty at the church, but we all knew he and his wife cared about our tiny group.  When the service was done, he and his wife drove to the Methodist Church in Odessa, to preach to a bigger congregation. I had seen on Facebook that there were some special things going on at Arrow Rock, Missouri that day, but hadn't mentioned it to Cliff until we were sitting at the table with my friends at Charley's.  He didn't protest, so away we went; it's only a little over an hour away.

Arrow Rock Tavern

inside a small cabin that was once
a courthouse

The museum.  I took this shot as we were walking toward it.

I took several more pictures, but if you're really interested, I found a Youtube video that will tell more about this historical town than I can.

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  1. What a wonderful day! Those small groups of people bond way more than a larger congregation would.


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