Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I was so proud of my Lombardy poplars in the fall of 2008.  In a few short months they had grown from twigs to trees.  Those weeds in the background are part of the reason I wanted the neighbor's place hidden; that, and I wanted a little privacy.  

You can see that those babies are now doing the job, after only two years.  The trouble is, Lombardy Poplars don't live long.  Also, they send out shoots everywhere, so you have little trees sprouting where you don't want them.  Because of the way they spread, you must make sure they aren't too close to the septic lines; we did that.  
I had a plan:  I'd plant Norway Spruce trees on the east side of the poplars; once those got a good start, we'd remove the poplars.  

See near the base of the first poplar, on the left?  I know it looks tiny, but it's actually about three feet tall.  

This shows you the row of spruce; some don't show up too well because we had a slight problem.  Four of them died, and this year I replaced the dead ones with new baby spruce trees.  

Like this one; isn't he cute?  

A couple of them got mowed the first year.  So they suffered a setback.  

Here's the other one.  

I have a problem: In order for the spruce trees to make it, we're going to have to remove the poplar trees this year because, obviously, as close as they are, they'll smother or crowd out the little trees.  At this point I wish I had not gotten the Norway Spruce trees; the poplars are doing such an excellent job.  They don't have a long life span, but we could have planted more when they began to die.  
But because of money invested in the Norway Spruce trees, I refuse to sacrifice them.  
My only hope is that I will live long enough to see the spruce trees doing their job.  


Anonymous said...

Donna, maybe you could just remove one or two poplars(every other or take out one every two or three) to give more room to the Spruces, but not totally lose your cover, all at one time.Karen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be a shame to loose those lovely trees. May it would be ok to thin them out. The spuce do grow much slower as my oldest has planted them at his house too.