Friday, August 27, 2010

Same old stuff

Hummingbirds are swarming like bees around here; I've never had so many, but the World Wide Web tells me this time of year is best for hummingbird-watchers.  Six cups of nectar placed in the feeders lasts only about twenty-four hours.  
Have you received an email saying that on August 27, 2010, Mars will be as big as the moon?  Check it out on Snopes; it's a hoax.  
Bonnie and Clyde seem to be doing fine, and we're consuming raw milk again.  
The horse guy was back yesterday; since I helped him put an ad on Craigslist, guess who gets to email the people who respond to the ad wanting bigger pictures and a copy of the horse's pedigree?  
That'd be me (imagine me taking a bow... NOT).   
The oldest granddaughter is spending a couple of days here; she and I might do a little shopping after Cliff goes to work to meet his quota of overtime for the month.  Two Fridays a month will satisfy his employer's demand for twenty hours of overtime work.  
I'm hoping Cliff and I can work in a motorcycle ride tomorrow.  
After all the earlier worrying about my tomato crop, those pitiful, bedraggled plants are still giving me tomatoes.  That late zucchini plant is still thriving and supplying zucchinis, the first zucchini plant I've had in years that haven't been killed by squash bugs!  
We've gone several days without rain, and there's none in the forecast until Wednesday.  The past three days have been heavenly, with early-morning lows in the fifties.  What a treat!  
So, that's my report for today.    


Tango said...

You mean Cliff's employer DEMANDS that he put in overtime? That's rare these days. Everyone else trying to cut down.
Does the "horse guy" have a sign on his back that says "I use people"? He ought to...the nerve of the guy! You're a better woman than I could be if I were in your place. :)

Lindie said...

Tell him that you are going into business as a computer guru and from now on you will have to charge him! ;) I think the weather is fantastic! I bought some of those sardines to try.

Fernan said...

Grumpy goodbyes, tractor show, watching a parade, seeing a guy named Clyde. Cliff’s thingamajig
sounds similar to my brother’s do-floppy whatever they’re talking about? I too have never gone to a reunion. I didn’t fit in back then and see no point looking to fit in now. I’ll just stay home and enjoy my misfit neighbors either over a morning coffee or an evening brew or pop. Gosh, I spent a good part of yesterday a retired teacher chauffeuring us around as our wheels weren’t working. He had even stopped so I could look at a pickup for-sale. And best yet, you continue looking good, sore knees and all. (grin)