Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watching a dog's social life improve

Cliff's sister and her husband were here for the weekend; they had some things to tend to at the property they own nearby, so they stayed in "their" bedroom here.  Their dog, Mindy, came along as always.  
Iris had already met Mindy a couple of weeks ago on their last visit; she was not impressed.  Mindy made overtures at friendship, trying to entice my dog into a game of tag, but Iris was having none of it.  The hair on her neck would raise and a low growl would emerge from deep in her throat. 

On that visit when the two dogs first met (when this picture was taken), Mindy didn't eat the whole time they were here; we don't know if she was upset that her friend Sadie wasn't around (it was her first visit since Sadie's death), or whether she didn't like being shunned by Iris.  
Charlene, Cliff's sister, thought Iris would eventually come around and be friends with her dog; I had my doubts.  So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I saw the two sniffing one another's nether regions peacefully as dogs do when they're getting acquainted, and then trotting off together side by side.  The last time Mindy returned from the farm with Charlene before they left for St. Louis, Iris actually met her with a wagging tail.  
And I thought a friendship would never be formed between the two.  I guess dogs know more about making peace than humans do.  


madcobug said...

Good for those two making friends. Helen

small farm girl said...

We humans could probabley take some notes. lol. Although I don't think I'm up to sniffing other peoples nether reagions.lol


Glad to hear Iris made a friend. A wagging tail is always better than a growl.

Milly said...

A lovely comment on life itself -- and sweet picture of the dogs. I also very much enjoyed your shopping list (wish we could come and enjoy some of those fresh farm products) and your tractor tales. Hubby likes used cars the way Cliff likes tractors -- we always have a couple around just for spare parts. Stay cool. M.

Lori said...

I've seen it happen like that before. It's as if the first time they meet, the visiting dog is a stranger and needs to be watched and warned and reminded of whose people and property it is! Then when the visiting dog comes back, it's not a stranger, and since the ground rules have already been set, they can get on with getting to know one another.