Saturday, August 14, 2010


The daughter's girls are here for the weekend, so I woke them up for pancakes this morning.  They've pretty much vegged out in front of the computers all day.
I've spent my day keeping an eye on Bonnie-the-cow, who exhibits signs of stage one of labor; but then, she's been doing that for three days.  We opened up the back door of Blue's old stall so she can have some shade whenever she needs it, and she's been spending a lot of time in there.  This morning I told Cliff, "I'd hate to see her have a calf on that filthy stall floor."
Cliff stopped his weed-eating to say, "Get the wheel barrow and haul some straw out there to put in the floor; that'll freshen it up."
Thanks a lot, Cliff.
I did it, though, and Bonnie was so grateful, she laid right down in the first load I spread in the corner of the stall.  
I spent some time sitting with her in the stall, eating cantaloupe.  She was curious and kept on bugging me until I gave her a bite.  Big mistake, because then she wouldn't get her snotty nose out of my dish.

Then I talked Cliff, bless his heart, into fixing her up with a fan.  She loves it, as you can see, and stands in front of it to cool off.  She thinks she's the Queen of Sheba.

Cliff spent the better part of the day mowing and weed-eating, but he found some time to work on his latest tractor purchase, the Oliver 550.  I have no idea what he's doing in this picture.  I do know one thing he fixed, though.

When we bought the 550, it had to be started with a wire contraption.  Cliff figured out the problem with little effort this evening, and now it starts with a key!  This brief video would have been better taken outside, but this is what you get.  
Most of the parts on the Super 55 interchange with the 550, and Cliff is going to take axles and other parts from that tractor and put them on this one, his pet.  Once he's taken the best from the Super 55 and traded for the more-worn parts on the 550, he'll sell the older tractor.  It's mechanically sound, and he'll enjoy getting it in good shape before he sells it.  I'm fairly certain he will make a few bucks on it.  
Good Lord willing, the 550 will stay with us for awhile.  


Paula said...

I think Bonnie has it made in the shade. Have you thought of a name for the baby or are you like me have to study the personality first?

Donna said...

Paula, I have a couple of names in mind if it's a girl, but I won't settle on one until I see it. If it's a bull calf, I'll probably take name suggestions from my readers. I already know what this calf will look like; it will have the markings of a Hereford, because the daddy is polled Hereford.

Anonymous said...

Donna, I love the way you and Clif are so kind to Bonnie. It really makes the case for small family run farms and every one growing their own food if they can. Karen

madcobug said...

You and cliff sure take good care of Bonnie. Helen

Donna said...

Karen, my cow is a pet. I actually got her to keep as a pet; the fact that she gives milk and has a calf once a year is just a bonus.