Thursday, August 12, 2010

This was going to be a rant...

But should I complain about something when I didn't let the people know about the problem?  

Lately this has become a very common sight around here.  We've been having power outages every few days; one lasted for twelve hours.  I would call the automated line to report it, but the robot on the other end didn't seem to know who I was.  
Last time, I got wise and also called in my sister-in-law's number, as well as some other numbers of people who, I've now found out, weren't even affected.  Turns out only three homes have been involved in these outages:  The one where that KCP&L truck is sitting, our old house where my sister-in-law lives, and our mobile home.  
Today I called a neighbor across the highway to see if they had electricity and she said, "Yes, but Ronda just called; their power is out."  
I told her this was getting old, that it's hard on appliances and computers to go off and on like that all the time.  
"You need to call them and complain," she said.  
"I guess you're right; that's one thing I can do while I sit in the shade burning up with the heat."
So I got out the phone book and found a customer service number.  
The lady was very nice, but she couldn't find our house number either; same problem as the robot I always talked to.  
"Funny to me my bill always arrives at the right address," I quipped.  
For some reason, they have our old address as our 911 number.  That, she said, was the problem.  
I explained to her how often this was happening, that it involved only three houses, and that I was worried something in my home would be damaged if this continued to go on.  
She said she'd report the problem.  
Within twenty minutes, a truck was here.  The guy looked at lines everywhere, tightened one of them up a little, then replaced the blown fuse in the transformer across the road.  He drove up our driveway and looked at all our lines, then got out to talk to me.  
He said he really couldn't seen any reason for the problem, except perhaps for some vines growing up one pole at the corner; he put in a work order for that.  He wondered if a bird got electrocuted on one of our poles, because that happens a lot, and would have caused our problem; we saw no dead birds.  
Anyhow.  Here I was simmering in more ways than one, and all I had to do was call a real person and discuss my problem.  
Who'd have thought it could be so simple?


Paula said...

We had the same problem in San Antonio, only three houses. A woodpecker or a squirrel would be found dead at the base of the pole. They finally figured out how to fix it after many times of coming out.

Anonymous said...

Think maybe the real person changed your 911 to the correct address now?

Lori said...

Glad you took action, and they came right out to take care of the problem. That had to have been frustrating.