Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mother and son appear to be doing well

Bonnie got rid of the placenta; this is one thing you watch for, because the afterbirth must every bit be out of the cow or there are problems.  One hurdle down.
Cliff put the rubber band around the calf's scrotum, so he will no longer be a bull; he's on his way to becoming a steer, but of course he doesn't know this.
I probably won't even attempt to milk Bonnie out completely for three or four days; her udder is huge, but a lot of that is swelling.  And if I took too much milk too soon, I'd be asking for milk fever.  This is something I'll be watching for closely, for several days, because it can be a killer.
It sure will be nice to have some good Jersey milk to drink again.  I'm hoping everything goes fine.
I've already had three names suggested for the baby; if you have one in mind, leave it in comments or tell me on Facebook.


Paula said...

Congratulations on the new baby. Hope everything goes well.

Rachel said...

Call him stubborn! Took him long enough to get here!

Julia said...

I suggested Julia E Lester for the last calf and you said no. You can name this one Julia - it's not meat related!

Donna said...

Julia? For a boy? We might put Lester in the hat, and call him Les.

Anonymous said...

Well if you don't like Julia. How about a boy named Sue?