Saturday, August 14, 2010

KCP&L and Century-Link

I was already impressed at the individual attention I was given after complaining to Kansas City Power and Light about constant power outages here that only affected three homes.  Then yesterday, two service guys came in trucks and spent at least an hour checking out our lines.  In this day and age, follow-up service from such a huge company?  
Then storms began brewing yesterday evening; lights dimmed repeatedly and finally flickered and died.  
How could this be, after all the attention they'd given?  
Cliff's next-door sister called, and I invited her to come on over and spend time in the dark with me and my daughter's two girls.  I called in a report of the power outage and gave Rena some Russian salsa and chips.  
At some point it hit me that perhaps this outage was different, that it might be affecting a bigger area.  
A check of the neighborhood showed me that indeed, this time it wasn't only three houses.  Dusk-to-dawn lights that show up from my front door were not sending out their beacons of light.  
We got our electricity back after perhaps an hour; when I went to Facebook I saw that my whole little town had experienced this outage, and I felt much better; misery loves company, you know.  And this gives me hope that perhaps our little teeny problem has been dealt with after all.  

And now on to my phone company, Century-Link (Joey, are you reading?).  Cliff and I could save a little money if we did away with our land line.  We'd like to get rid of it and yet keep our DSL service; I called Century-Link and found it's possible to do this.  For some reason, though, after a year's time, it would actually cost us MORE without the phone that it does now with it.  I don't know why "after a year", but that's how I understand it.  The line is already in place.  More and more people are getting rid of their home phones.  Seems to me we ought to be able to save that $35 monthly bill.  OK, make it $30, since we'd probably lose the $5 we're allowed for bundling phone, Internet, and Dish.   Still, with Cliff thinking seriously of retiring next year, that buck a day could make a difference. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I quit using a land line a couple of years ago. I tried the internet phone system which worked pretty well but when I retired I quit that too and now just use a cell phone. It's lets me be connected no matter which home I'm in. I love it and have saved money.

madcobug said...

We could cut our cable bill a lot if Ken would give up a few channels I never watch and He just flips through but No he wants them. Glad that your power came back on. I hate when the power goes out. I keep going into a room and flipping a switch forgetting there is not any power lol. Helen