Friday, August 06, 2010

Our grocery budget

Julia wondered how Cliff and I get by on $70 a week for groceries.  
Of course, this time of year we're eating a lot of stuff from the garden.  That helps immensely.  In winter we eat a lot of soups, stews and casseroles, using either the beef from the freezer or chicken.  I buy those ten-pound bags of chicken leg quarters and try not to think about how those chickens were treated before they were killed.  Don't even GO there.  I also have lots of bean-and-rice dishes that are good for the body and also filling and tasty.  
If only I hadn't just carried out my trash, I would list everything I bought today.  I did go sixty cents over my $70 budget today, but last week I got by for $50.  So I'm not feeling too bad about sixty cents.  
I do make a list and stick to it fairly well.  Things I remember that were on my list... and I think this pretty well covers it:  
2 pounds Eight O'clock Coffee (with a dollar-off coupon)
coffee creamer
big bag of Mini-spooners (cheap version of spoon-size shredded wheat)
1 dozen eggs
1 quart milk (my cow is dry)
1 quart buttermilk
3 pounds American cheese (I refuse to buy "cheese product")
4 bananas
5 apples (for Cliff, for the lunch he takes to work)
1 Secret deodorant 
1 loaf of bread
1 gallon of the cheap vanilla ice cream
a package of 3 balls for Iris ($2.50) 
cheap brand of Ranch dressing for me
Thousand Island dressing for Cliff
a zipper plastic case to keep my Damn-Ramsey envelopes in
1 bag animal crackers (I hate them, but Cliff likes them for a snack)
1 package of iced sugar cookies Walmart marked down to $1.60
1 64 oz container of antibacterial liquid soap, Equate brand
Walmart's version of Crystal Lite.
3 cans tuna:  1 Chicken-of-the-sea, 1 Bumble Bee, and one of Walmart's brand; the latter was 49 cents as opposed to 75 cents for the highest brand.  I'm going to see if we can tell a difference.

You don't see any vegetables there because we have tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, cabbage and okra from the (not-that-big) garden right now.  We're eating peaches from our tree, and strawberries from the freezer.  

And now, I have a confession to make:  Because Cliff carries a generous portion of his weekly earnings in his pocket, and because I have a weakness for certain things, we splurged after we were done shopping.  When he's retired, we won't be doing this often; but right now, I say "Eat, drink, and be merry!"  
So we spent $13 at Pizza Hut followed by $5 at McDonald's for two Mocha Frappes.  
If you haven't checked out the links on my sidebar, be sure and check out Five Dollar Dinners and Hillbilly Housewife.  Harvesters is a program for anyone, no matter what their income.  Once Cliff retires, we may be taking advantage of that program; for now, we donate to them every once in a while.  


Hollie said... are doing good with your grocery budget! I'm glad you splurged. Sometimes you just gotta!

Margaret said...

My husband shops and I don't know how much he spends--but probably way more than that. We don't have a single tomato out of our garden, nor much of anything else either. (been too cool and rainy) How are the McDonald's espresso drinks?

Donna said...

Oh, Margaret, the Frappes are to die for! Just don't search out the calories involved. That pretty much ruins the fun.

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Donna! I have been lurking here everyday since I found you initially through my Sitemeter. Didn't want you to think I was a stalker :) Found you again oddly enough the next day by way of Flat Creek Farm. Just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying your blog and that my husband and I did some big time practicing for retirement as you are a couple of years prior to his retirement in August of '07. Just wanted to say Hello and tell you I am reading!

Amy said...

In th last month or so, I've been trying to really reign in grocery spending. It seems to be helping me to make a meal plan...but is too easy to pass by the grocery store for this or that.

Speaking of McD' favorite is the Iced Mocha. For the longest time, they only had on size. The day they offered a large was a great day for me. LOL