Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cliff is off to work

It was hard for me to remember all the things I always packed in Cliff's lunchbox for ten hours spent at work, but I think I managed to scrounge up enough to keep his body and soul together.  
Last night I asked him, "Are you feeling apprehensive about this business of going to work part-time?" 
He admitted to a little uneasiness.   
Today as he kissed me and headed for the door, lunchbox in hand, I said, "I don't like this."  "It isn't going to be so bad in winter when there's not much else to do," he answered.  
I repeated, "I don't like this."  
"I don't either," he said.  "I thought I would, but I don't."  
"Then don't do it."
Now, he may enjoy seeing everybody after so long.  If it turns out it's fun for him, that's great.  But I say life is too short to spend time doing something you aren't crazy about doing just for some extra money that we're not hurting for.  
It's his call.  But if I sense that he's not totally happy about this, I will do my best to steer him in the proper direction.  



I know what you mean. After months of unemployment/being retired my hubby just got a call about a temporary job. It is for three months out of state. Lots of traveling too. He really does not want to but the money is really good. Hope Cliff is happy being back. Let us know how it plays out. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a good thing that you are there to keep your hubby on track. Those long 10 hour days may not be a thing he'll enjoy at all anymore. Money is not everything.

Paula said...

Every man needs a woman to do a little steering once in a while. If he likes it you can steer him how to spend the extra money.

Donna said...

Paula, you are just the coolest and wisest person ever. Don't ever change.

nerves05 ( nancy) said...

Isn't it the greek who said the man is the head of the house but the woman is the neck and she's can turn it any way she wants to!

Bless his heart. Cliff if you don't like it. Don't do it. You have earn retirement. Enjoy it to the fullest.

nerves05 ( nancy) said...

That was basiclly from the movie my greek wedding.. buy the way..
awsome movie.