Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another little Facebook story

A few days ago someone "friended" both me and my daughter on Facebook.  Once I checked out her mutual friends and saw that she graduated from the local school at the same time as my daughter, I realized who she was.  I worked with her mother in the '70's, and we rode to work together.  
So Saturday during our "girls' day out", Rachel and I talked about Michele.  The two of them weren't what you would call best friends, but Rachel spent some time at Michele's house at least once; I think she spent a night there.  Rachel doesn't remember this at all.  

There's a reason I recall it so well:  Rachel came home telling me about a wonderful new toy Michele had called "Merlin".  I believe she had received it for Christmas, or maybe for her birthday.  
When the next Christmas rolled around, we bought a Merlin for Rachel.  I suppose she was nine years old.  The thing made beeping noises, and when she would try sneaking it to bed with her at night, the noises always gave her away.  
I could hardly wait until the kids went to school each morning so I could have Merlin to myself.  
It must have been a well-made toy, because a few years ago I checked on Ebay and found there were lots of them for sale, still working.  Because they were reasonably priced, I bought one, just for the memories.  
Now I see that Merlin has been re-introduced; you can buy him on Amazon for $69.  
I wonder if the new model will still be working thirty years from now?  
I asked Michele if she remembered her Merlin; she does indeed.  


Rachel said...

I remember her well, but not from that far back. I remember Merlin well, too. I LOVED that toy. It's how I learned to do Tic Tac Toe over and over and never lose. It would be a tie, or I'd win. Every.Time.

Ahh, Merlin. How I miss you. Sorry Mom kept interrupting us every time I took you to bed. :)


Never heard of Merlin. My daughters had to have a Simon. Toys bring back memories don't they?

Anonymous said...

Aww. :-)