Friday, January 13, 2012

Google couldn't help me

Tonight my husband is in Kansas, which means I've spent a lot of time on Youtube and Facebook.  I've been looking up songs that connect me to various relatives and I've hit a stone wall with this one.  Seriously, there seems to be no Internet info on it.
It's the one song that stands out as "our song" for me and Cliff.  I know he remembers the song, but he has never recalled why it is special.  I do, because women remember these things.
Usually if you are looking for a song, it's on Youtube.  A simple search finds it.  For some reason this one was difficult.
I'd love to tell you why this one is so meaningful to me, but it would embarrass my children... or maybe it would make them proud, who knows.  I think it would make my son proud and embarrass my daughter.
But I digress.
Here, for your enjoyment, is "You Ain't No Better Than Me".  There's another song tacked onto the end of it... just go ahead and stop the video when that starts, if you made it that far.

I remember all the words to this song, but this part is my favorite:  
Why do you strut around town just a-puttin' me down when you ain't no better than me.
You stay on the run just a-waggin' your tongue, when you ain't no better than me.  
There's a little something you should know, and I'm just the one to tell you so.  
You put your britches on one leg at a time, and that's the very same way that I do mine...

And so it goes.  When I think about all the romantic songs that people consider "our song", I have to laugh.  We've been married almost forty-six years, and this is ours.  
What do you consider "your song"?


Cliff said...

Well aren't you the little country gal. I don't think I should know the story about why this is your song. I'll just believe you.

Vicki said...

I like your "our song". "Our Song" is "And I Love You So" sung by Perry. Vicki

Lindie said...

My first husband and I disagreed on our sone (as we did on most things)LOL I said it was Blue Moon because it was the first song we danced to (ironically that same song ended our marriage when he wouldn't dance with me and had a good friend dance with me to it)He said it was The Way You Look Tonight. Then My song (with his friend) was A Walk in the Black Forest. (I was living in Germany at the time) Strangely my dear 2nd husband and I never had a song, just a good marriage.

Sheila Y said...

My husband isn't much of a sing along to a song kind of guy, but when we were first married we would be out driving around and he would sing to this song 'I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl.' I can't remember the exact name to the song right now, but a few years ago I searched every where until I found a compilation cd with it on it. I gave it to him on our anniversary. It's a crazy little song but it brings back fond memories...Take care, Sheila


I'm playing catch up now that I'm feeling a little better. May take me a week, though. You and Cliff have had quite a life. What an interesting song. That story as to WHY must be even more intriguing. My hubby and I have a handful of favorites, too many to mention.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

We have waaaaaaay too many faves but we just discovered this one the last few months on youtube and ONLY by the guy "owlgulch." On youtube, it's "nobody's darlin' but mine" by Jimmie Davis....keep scrolling until you get past the "ones you know" -- "owlgulch" has silver white hair, wearing a blue/white striped shirt/prolly sitting on a backporch/carport, etc.....LOVE his version. As much as I love EmmyLou....I like his version better.