Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here's how it works in a small town

It's Saturday night and the furnace quit working.  Cliff checked it and said he was pretty sure the problem was the thermocouple.  Usually if the furnace quits working, it's due to a power failure and we turn on the burners on the gas range and hope for the best.
This time we have power, and I happened to remember that Cliff's sister next door has a nice electric heater she uses when there are upstairs guests.  Cliff went and got it.  It was amazing how fast it heated up our living room.  
Meanwhile, we called a local heating and cooling guy, Rick.  We got his voice mail and left a message.  While we waited, Cliff said maybe I should call our other local heating and cooling guy, Bruce.  When you get his voice mail, he gives his cell number in case you have an emergency.  Remember, this is Saturday night.  
Bruce answered his cell and Cliff told him the problem.  Bruce apologized, but said his grandson had gotten injured (no details given) and that they were at the hospital with him.  He hoped he wouldn't be there all night, and if we didn't get anybody else, he'd be glad to help us out when he could.  
Cliff thanked him and told me to try some other heating and cooling places in other towns.  
"Cliff," I said, "Outside of our community, nobody is going to come out here on a Saturday night at 6:30."
He wanted me to try, so I made a couple of calls, to no avail.  He told me to forget it.  
Before long the phone rang.  It was Rick.  
He did the job, charged a reasonable fee, and we are warm.  
Sometimes it's nice to live in a small-town community.  The population in our town is around 780, and we have TWO heating-and-cooling guys who were ready to come to our rescue.    


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's nice to live in a small-town community.

The downside are hicks!


This WARMS my heart. I'm glad your furnace problem has been solved. You are lucky to have such GREAT heating guys. Our furnace was a zillion years old and hanging on by a thread. We put the down payment on a new one. Hubby lost job, now we can't pay it off. So NEW one isn't installed yet. We pray everynight the other one carries us through the winter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This time of year we really do need that heat. Glad you got some help and are warm again. I imagine you were very happy that you live where you can get help when it's needed.

DesLily said...

sure glad you are warm again!

could you do me a favor please? since my new computer I can't comment on blogs that don't have the "pop up comment box" like yours would you please tell Helen (my everyday life) that I am glad her surgery is over and I hope that she gets better soon. Thanks Donna

Hollie said...

So glad your furnace is up & running again! Living in a small town is wonderful ...most of the time! We live in one also!

patsy said...

cliff should call obama and ask for a cell phone. i think a cell phone would be enough punishment with out being on wefare.

Lindie said...

It was like that when I lived in the country south of Bates City and again when I lived in Oak Grove. Don't know many people here in Belton. But I just call my daughter and she does.

Margaret said...

That warms my heart!I live in a fairly large town, but if you have certain handymen you use, they tend to be pretty loyal. Also my husband is in construction, so he has lots of buddies who would help out.Glad you are comfortable!!