Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wonder...

Did any of my Kansas City readers meet Pioneer Woman last night? I follow her on Facebook, and it looks like some people were still standing in line to get their books autographed at midnight! Must have been a great turnout. She had her husband (Marlboro Man) and boys with her.
Here are some comments made to PW on Facebook:

It was awesome to meet you! Thanks for visiting KC!
How late did you sign books? We left at like 11:30. I was in an earlier group with one of my friends, but another friend waited too long to get her book and was in the group at 11:15ish! We had a great time though. My 16 year old took the book to school today to use it for a recipe in her foods class (she wants to be a chef). (She was not there last night, I had to use tough love and not let her come even though she really really wanted to. . .)
you were as warm, genuine, and sweet in person as you are on your blog! thank you for stopping by.
Thanks P-Dub! It was great to meet you in person. You were funny and a pleasure to talk to.
LOVED IT! Thanks for coming to KC. It was a fun fun night.
Had a really great time and I love the cookbook!! Hope we see you on Oprah sometime soon!!
t was truly awesome meeting you, MM and the boys ....MM was so gracious with all of us women wanting him to sign our books and have pics taken with him...pls tell him thank you!!! And your boys were so so cute! They def "kept it real"!! Loved it and loved YOU....I drove 2.5 hrs and would do it again tonight if I could!!
Thank YOU Ree, Kate and I had an amazing time! Posting my photos from last night, I even got one of the boys UFC fight, LOL
If you were there, tell me all about it!


Lindie said...

I was there but left about 9:30 because I figured my number wouldn't get called until around midnight. I did get to meet Ladd and the boys who were adorable (all 3!!LOL) Her talk was great fun. She is working on a new installment, a 2nd half of Black Heels and the book will be published probably in 2011. Then she'll be back in town! It was a really good evening and she gave everyone tshirts.

ingasmile said...

Waving over here, I went. I purchased my book through the pre order so I got number 45 and 46 so we were in the first group called up and we were out of there before 9:00ish. It was fun, but I certainly felt a little sorry for her for having to sit and sign all those books for everyone. It made you feel like you were cattle being driven through the line. I enjoyed the talk more than I wanted the autograph.

MissKris said...

Hmmmmm...I am really out of the loop on this one, I guess. I've seen your link for "Pioneer Woman" but I don't think I've ever checked it out. She must be SOME popular blogger!