Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No luck yet with the bird... and welcome back, Flylady

Thanks to all of you who have suggested what sort of bird I might be seeing here. I checked out each suggestion by typing it in Google images and checking out both male and female of the species.

Several of you thought it might be a female barn swallow. We have hundreds of those around, since we live behind a barn. Cliff considers them a nuisance, and I guess they are. But I love to watch them in flight. Anyhow, the mystery bird (I should say birds, since there are several) is not a swallow; of that I am certain. No forked tail.

I have turned into a total slob this summer. I gave myself over to gardening and canning at the expense of any housekeeping. Now I have thrown myself at the feet of Flylady, asking her to either help me out or beam me up. You can bet I'll fall off the wagon eventually; I always do. I'm not even sure I ever get totally on the flylady bandwagon, but things do look better around here when I make the attempt.

So, I'm de-cluttering a little: I finally got the nerve to ask Cliff to get rid of the baby crib that both my children slept in as infants. I did, however, keep the end panel of the bed with the Mobil Oil Pegasus that Cliff, as a teenager, put there for his baby sister, Charlene. It has many toothmarks left there by my son, and I'm sure by my daughter also; although she wasn't as dedicated a chewer as Jimmy was.

So now I have space in my computer room for a daybed, preferably with a trundle. That way when my son and his family come to visit, there's a place for my Georgia granddaughter to sleep; and with a trundle, there's a spot for another granddaughter to spend the night while she's here. I've been watching Craigslist, but without any luck so far. I really don't want to spend as much money as it would take to buy a new one.


Kelly said...

Donna its about time for the nighthawks to start coming. They look like swallows, well, they are actually of the swallow family I believe. I will have to look in my bird book to be sure. This might be a juvenile or a female...now I got to go look it up. ;)

Kelly said...

Try this link...there is a gray and a black kingbird, but the tip on the tail is there on this link..


Pat/Texas said...

Here's more inspiration for cleaning, along with a lot of other things.


Doesn't the tail of the bird have a white border??

I'll keep looking. Pat

Lori said...

I got back into the FLYLady swing of things last month and it has really been helping. You're the third person I've seen (besides me) who has mentioned taking her up again. I have been uploading her podcasts from blogtalkradio.com into my iPod and listening to them while I do my various chores or when I'm in the care. They're great and I really love the music she uses with her program.