Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning thoughts

Everything I have read online about goldfinches tells me they disappear from feeders around August 8. While I'm not seeing as many as before, I still have several still showing up at my feeder; that's a good thing! I love the splashes of yellow cavorting around my yard. I understand their color fades to brown for the winter.

I've acquired several kinds of flowers with which I'm getting acquainted this year, but the Coneflowers are my new favorites. They absolutely bloom their little hearts out all summer; they attract butterflies; and although it's recommended that you "deadhead" them, I'm leaving the dead flowers on the plant because I've seen goldfinches making a meal of the dry seeds. You absolutely MUST get some coneflowers if you don't have them already! They demand little, and they give so much.

Last year my hummingbirds left sometime in mid-August, as I recall. They're still here this year, extra feisty of late. I have one feeder attached to a window by Cliff's chair, and we've had a marvelous time watching the little critters chase one another. Sometimes one will even hit against the window pane in his haste to escape from a rambunctious friend.

We've had rain. Lots of rain: another three and three quarters inches since Sunday morning. All the varieties of tomatoes in my garden are blighty, but the fruits are still staying ahead of the blighted areas of the plants. I think I'm done canning tomatoes; I only have a few pint jars left, and I do believe I have plenty to last until next summer. We shall see. At present, for any dishes requiring tomatoes, I'm using fresh ones from the garden. With any luck I won't have to start using canned ones until sometime in October, depending of course on how bad the blight situation gets.

I'm still scouring the Internet for ways to use Butternut squash. The pie I made last Sunday was excellent. Yesterday I made Butternut squash soup (recipe HERE), and I like it fine; I sent some with Cliff in his lunch to take to work; I'm anxious to find out if he likes it. I found a different recipe from Emeril, but his version requires two cups of heavy cream. With a Jersey cow in residence here, I can obtain the cream; but I don't think Cliff and I had better indulge in so much of it.

From only one plant, we've enough eggplant to indulge in rattatouille, Russian Eggplant caviar, and Eggplant Parmesiana; my daughter has taken a few eggplants home with her, too.

My garden is a weedy mess, but it's still providing us with good things to eat. The okra is taller than I, and is just coming into its own; I'm freezing plenty to use in chicken gumbo this winter.

If the weather-guessers know what they're talking about, it looks like we might have a few days with no precipitation. That will be a nice change.

Enough rambling! I wish each of my readers a wonderful day. I'm wasting time at the computer when I could be outside enjoying a crisp morning that feels like autumn.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope you have a wonderful day too. It is a little cooler here and some of the humidity has cleared out but it is not crisp. This weekend we should have some wonderfully perfect mid 70 weather. I love your cone flowers. We had one that the birds left for us but haven't actually planted any. It just came up on it's own.

madcobug said...

The goldfinches have left here several months ago. Those are probably the ones you are enjoying LOL. I haven't tried planting any cone flowers but I have seen that butterflies love them.

Anonymous said...

Cool and crisp sounds good, we're still very hot a humid. Will all of your produce really last until next Summer? Amazing! I'd be curious to know what range your grocery bills fall in. Vicki

Guy said...

Interesting, our bats usually leave on August 8th.

Paula said...

I saw these flowers for sale a few days ago and started to buy one. They are so pretty. May buy it yet.

Muhd Imran said...

That is a beautiful picture. The flowers are bright and colorful, but the butterfly completes the feeling of joy in summer. Wonderful.