Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cliff's new implements

Cliff was browsing Craigslist's Farm-and-garden section Thursday and saw a couple of things he really needed. Looking at the pictures, he recognized the implements as belonging to my cousin and her husband, and quickly made a phone call.

They agreed to hold the two items for us, and we picked them up on Saturday.

Cliff has an old-fashioned hay rake, but everybody who has this kind says they are bulletproof, and that you can rake just as fast as the tractor will go. Once the dew is off our rain-ruined hay, he'll try it out. Even though the hay is no good, it needs to be taken off the field. We needed this!

Cliff had an old disc mower he used for three years, but it was so worn out that it seemed he spent more time working on it than he did mowing with it; so this year he sold it for parts and went back to mowing with the old John Deere sickle mower. Folks, that's like going from an automatic washing machine to a wringer washer, and Cliff really missed having a disc mower.

We consider this one a blessing from heaven, because we didn't expect to be able to buy another one.

The icing on the cake is that my cousin and her husband take excellent care of their machinery, keeping everything oiled and greased regularly.

Cliff is so happy.

Here's a related footnote: Cliff mentioned to his Kansas brother who works on farm machinery for a living that he'd like a big plow to pull behind the Oliver 1855 tractor. Donald called yesterday: he found one free plow, and one six-bottom plow for $250 (that's cheap).

"I'll take both of them," says Cliff.

It's raining farm machinery around here!

We don't have much to plow on our property, but Cliff LOVES to plow. So he's going to see if one of the local farmers will let him try his tractor and plow out in some of their fields, once the harvest is over. Farmers these days don't plow at all, so he'll be doing them no favor; he just wants to put that big tractor to work so he can see what it will do.

I think it's some sort of macho thing.


madcobug said...

Good for Cliff. Now he is happy. Helen

Terri said...

haha@ macho thing...

Glad Cliff found him some bargains...

Boys love their toys..I know my husband does :)


m.v. said...

you can never have too much farm equipment.

Paula said...

Happy plowing to Cliff. John's brother called us early this morning to say he was just back from New York where he bought a tractor from a widow lady who said she would deliver it for the price he paid. That is until she found out he lives in Tennesse.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well now I know what that thing is...I do see alot of them on the way back and forth to the camper each weekend. Sounds like Cliff is enjoying his new purchases.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

When I first glanced at the title to this post, I read: "Cliff's IMPLANTS", lol! I wondered why you'd be blogging about his implants but I was still curious about what kind they might be, ha ha. ;o)

Hope he gets to play with all his toys soon.


Muhd Imran said...

Yep! It's raining farm machinery there. Big toys for hubby. Should have a wonderful time.

Celeste said...

Men and their toys....