Saturday, August 15, 2009

My goodness, a whole day and I haven't posted yet?

Yesterday Cliff mowed hay, since the chances of rain for today were 30% and no rain was forecast for Sunday.

As soon as the hay was cut, the forecast changed; there's rain in the forecast for every day now, and the chances went up. It's raining hard enough right now to probably ruin the hay, but thank the Lord, we have enough hay for the winter. We're about due to lose a cutting; we've had great success for the past three years getting our hay safely in the barn.

This morning Cliff and I had breakfast at Denny's, and I asked him to take me to Colonial Nursery because there's a certain tree I'd love to have in my yard, the leaves of which stay a deep, dark reddish color all summer long; the man we talked to thought it was probably a Crimson King Maple. The ones they had looked pretty ratty, and they were way out of our price range.

About two miles from our house, there's a tree we've been admiring in somebody's yard, and we had no idea what it was. As luck would have it, there was a man working in that yard today; we stopped and asked him what it was: it's a Golden Rain Tree; that will likely be the next one I'll be searching for... if I can find a spot in my yard for it.

So we went to Home Depot, and I found some Crepe Myrtle trees marked down to $65. Usually Crepe Myrtle trees are not cold-hardy enough for this zone, but supposedly these are a new variety that can survive right up the the southern Iowa line. The good news was the the trees were about ten feet tall; that is also the bad news, since we were in the car. You can't get a tree that size into a Mercury Grand Marquis.

We came home, switched to the old gas-guzzling pickup, and went back to Blue Springs. Brought the Crepe Myrtle home, and after an iced-tea break, Cliff dug the hole and we planted and staked our tree.

Then I took a lawn chair and positioned it in such a way that I was in the shade of my new tree; yes, I had to move my chair after about five minutes in order to stay in the shade. But by george, I had some shade!

Bonnie, my Jersey cow, notified me this morning that she was ready to be bred. The AI technician came this evening. Hopefully, everything works out better with this cow than it did with my last one.

So that's how my day went; how was yours?


Paula said...

My day went fine, thank you. I like the Golden Rain tree too. Crepe Myrtle grows pretty around this area.

Rachel said...

Mine was awesome, thanks to you!
I'll see you tomorrow!

madcobug said...

I hope the hay doesn't ruin. Maybe it will be sunny today where Cliff can turn it. Glad that you found some trees. I hope Bonnie takes this go round. Helen

Fawteen said...

Mine was fine, thanks for asking!

I've got 90% of my firewood worked up and under cover, put the year's supply of hay in the barn last night, have a date to take the lambs to the slaughterhouse and will be putting chickens in the freezer probably next weekend.

Nothing quite as comforting as watching winter coming with the barn, woodshed and freezers full...

Muhd Imran said...

It is just wonderful to actually have a lawn and the option to choose and pick up a tree of your choice. Any picture to share?

All the wishes for success for Bonnie.

Have a good weekend too!

It's Just Katie! said...

Sounds like guite an eventful day! Hoping the hay makes it through the rain. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.