Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old movies

For lack of anything better to record on the DVR, I found a movie on Turner Classics last night: It was rated three stars (out of four), and had lots of big-name actors and actresses. I'd never heard of the movie, entitled "The Chase".

So, Cliff came in to eat his dinner today (spaghetti), and I figured we'd watch the first part of the movie before he went to work, while we ate.

He actually had to point out to me which person was Jane Fonda; which was Robert Duvall (one of my favorite actors); and which one was Marlon Brando! We won't even talk about Robert Redford, because I didn't recognize him, either... although I did recognize his hunkiness.
Is that a word?

About fifteen minutes into the film, Cliff picked up the laptop, bored, and said, "This is sort of a 'Peyton Place', isn't it?"

"The Chase" was made in 1966, the year Cliff and I got married. Peyton Place, the TV series, seems to have begun in 1964.

Movies certainly were corny in sixties, weren't they? I guess I'll be watching the rest of "The Chase" alone.

*People sure did smoke a lot of cigarettes back in the '60's.


Pamela said...

The other night I was hooked on watching some old Red Skelton movies on TCM. They were made in the 40's. He was so funny!

Midlife Mom said...

I've also noticed how people used to smoke all the time on tv and in the movies. Glad it's not like that now.

Coneflowers are my all time favorite too! They spread and you can dig them up and put them where you want them. They come in quite a few different colors but I just have pink, purple and yellow.

Faye said...

It's amazing how the old movies that seemed so good back then are boring now. What happened? ? ?