Monday, August 03, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I canned several pints of peaches yesterday evening after arriving home from my family reunion. Cliff and I made a quick trip to the livestock auction this morning; then I fixed dinner: butternut squash and stir-fried zucchini, with a salad on the side. As luck would have it, we saw a couple of little girls selling produce at a crossroads on the way home from the auction, and they had some zucchini that was perfect... two for one dollar. I bought four, and tonight I finally got to make my ratatouille.

I have tomatoes to can, and only seven more quart jars. I guess I'll use pint jars once those are filled; it was not my original plan, but things happen, and I refuse to buy new quart jars. I like putting the peaches in pints, though. It makes just enough for Cliff and me to have one serving apiece.

I have nine butternut squashes harvested, and many many more to come. It's a good thing we like them!

Here's a snippet of things seen at the Marshallville, Iowa, tractor show. It shows a bit of corn-shelling at the first, and then some straw-baling, back when a bale of straw wasn't that easy to come by. It'll probably bore most of you, but I found it interesting. Besides, I'm too tired to come up with anything more.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are a busy lady. When everything gets ripe you have to do something with it so good luck.

Marlene said...

I noticed the background on that video. the sky is so pretty and its clear as far as the eye can see. Nice!

m.v. said...

big lots has cheaper mason jars. I wanted a few but they sell them by a case of 8 I think

Donna said...

Yeah, Mike. But what makes me sick is that I gave half my jars away last year, knowing I'd never can stuff the way I did years ago. And I did keep enough, but my sister-in-law helped herself to my jars to make pickled beets. She didn't do it maliciously, she just didn't realize she was running me short on jars.