Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cell phone problems

Unlike me, Cliff uses his cell phone a lot. He talks to all his siblings, a cousin or two, other relatives, and lots of friends.

However, his current cell phone is way over his head.

It's a Razr. It's a blackberry. Neither of us knows what those terms mean, but we don't need all that. We have it, but we don't want it.

All Cliff needs is something that vibrates, rings loud (he doesn't hear well), and doesn't have external buttons that mess up the settings if he puts the phone in his pocket.

He doesn't need a camera. He doesn't text message.

So yesterday his Razr started dying. The screen is totally blank, so he can't see his numbers; obviously, he can't call anybody. The phone receives calls, but that's all.

I was looking on the T-mobile website at various phones, but there just isn't enough information that will help me find the best phone for Cliff. We've decided to make a trip to Independence Center Monday and let a real, live human being help us find the perfect phone for Cliff.

Wish us luck, because I don't think they make a cell phone with no bells and whistles.


Paula said...

I bought the kind where I go to Wal*Mart and buy a card to top up with $20.00 every 90 days. Hardly ever turn the thing on then when my minutes build up I call an old high school friend and we can talk away our problems.

Lindie said...

I have a phone with a camera but refuse to pay the internet fee. I just want a phone! All the rest of the stuff is not needed. When will they have a no frills phone!!

Kathy said...

I had some Samsung ... flips up to dial, large sized buttons and loud!

Had to trade it in when it died and silly me ... I foolishly went with a querty keyboard for texting. 'cause that's pretty much all my family and friends do. Gaaaaahhhh

Maybe I'll just retire from cell phones altogether.

Good luck to you and Cliff!

Sonya said...

Sometimes simple phones are good. I have a touch screen and it worries the fire out of me. I touch everything besides what I need to touch. Be sure not to get one of those! lol
It has a lock on it so it won't go off in my purse. But then I have to unlock it all the time and I miss half my calls. It is nice though while surfing the internet. Only I only do that while waiting somewhere. A nice perk.
Have a good "phone trip".

Hollie said...

Good luck with the phone shopping. I like dealing with someone face to face also. Some of those phones are just way to complicated for me too!

ms martyr said...

I have a TracPhone (the kind you can get at WalMart and other places) They have different models with cameras, etc. Mine is just a basic phone, have had it over a year and it works just fine for my needs. I basically have it for emergencies and I use it when I'm out of town.

Cell Phone Jammers said...

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