Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hummingbird videos

On this first one, pause the video at the 22-second mark and you will see that the little guy on the right has a broken top beak. It doesn't seem to have hurt him; he's willing to fight with the toughest. You can enlarge the video by clicking on the square to the right of the sound thingie.

The other one is just a typical example of hummingbird wars. I really do get as close as it looks on these, because the feeder is attached to the outside of my computer room window. I can actually get as close as one foot away from them. Sorry I originally posted the above video twice; I've changed it now to the hummingbird wars.

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Kylita said...

Hello Donna. Haven't seen your hummingbird video yet (prob with my computer) but wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my "Mandy Girl" postings. How nice to know you had a Mandy, too. She was named that when we got her and I tried calling her Chloe but it just didn't seem right, her being at least a year old and all.
Love the photos of the cats sitting on your lap. That's a lot like our Tuffy Boy that showed up after Mandy died. We've had him nearly 3 yrs and he's half wild, and the other half is pretty wild, too. ha! Have a great "summer" and what's left of it. Harvest Time there? I sure miss my dad's garden but my husband and me just didn't go that route ;o( too many critters to eat it right up.