Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wonderful Washing Machines

When we go to tractor shows, we meet the most interesting people.

People who collect and restore all varieties of objects.

This collection of old Maytag washing machines was my favorite display at the Marshalltown, Iowa, show.

We've come a long way, ladies.

This looks pretty primitive, but I'll just bet some women back in 1912 thanked the Lord for this wondrous machine that saved them from the drudgery of the washboard.

This one is almost a work of art.

This is a butter churn that allowed the Maytag washer to do the churning for the household; that way, the housewife could busy herself with canning green beans and tomatoes and making pickles.

Here's the explanation (click on the picture to make it larger).

Meet Jim Miller, the man who owns these beauties. I tried to convince him and his family that he needs to bring his collection to some of our local tractor shows at Adrian, Lathrop, Hamilton, and Boonville.

He hauls his collection in this trailer (thanks to the family for letting me snag this off their website).

Now if you go to Church this morning, be sure to say a prayer of thanksgiving that the washing machine was invented; because otherwise we might all be heading down to a creek and pounding our clothes on a rock.


Lindie said...

I had an old wringer washer as my first washing machine way back in 63. I think I paid $20 for it. It was great at what it did. Saved me from washing diapers in the bathtub! We left it when we got transferred.

Faye said...

My first washer was an electric wringer type. We had no hot water so I heated water to wash. (1961) I remember my grandmother's completely manual type wringer washer. Tried washboard once...hated it. Impossible to get husband's jeans clean. Rock probably worked as well but I never tried that! LOL

madcobug said...

My first washer was also the wringer type washer. Brand new, boy was I glad to get it. I do remember the old black wash pots and the scrub boards along with the battling sticks my mother and grandmother used before they got a wringer machine. That man does have a nice fancy collection of machines. Sounds like a fun day was had by you two. Helen said...

I had a wringer washer and pumped the water out doors and had to heat it up when we lived in the country. This waa 47 years ago!

My Mom had to help carry water from the spring to the wash tub whe she was a little girl.

Then after she was married she used a wash board until she was able to have a wringer washer!!

Trust me we were both thankful for the automatic washers!!! Hugs,Grams

Paula said...

My first machine was a wringer type and it was on the back porch facing the north. I'm spoiled now and I know it. Nice entry.