Thursday, August 06, 2009

Today's update

A friend came and took away all my ripe tomatoes, so hopefully I won't have to can any more until Monday, at least.

This friend has a lot to do with our present happiness and contentment. You see, when Cliff was going through a bad time employment-wise, she put in a good word for him and got him a job at the place where he still works.

She didn't know us, had never met us. She is a longtime friend with former neighbors of ours, and I guess she took those people's word for it that Cliff was a good worker, and saw to it that he got a job. We will be forever grateful. I'd give her half my gold mine, if I had one. Tomatoes are nothing.

We're looking at a quickie road trip, but of course we'll have the laptop along. Thank goodness for the loved ones nearby who take care of our dog and keep an eye out on our place.

Wednesday I will be going to the Green Day concert with two grandkids and one other person. I can't wait! I will be taking earplugs. Not because I don't like the music, but because the screaming is going to be top-volume. Oh yes, I am taking my camera.

I took care of my hummingbirds today, since they had been sadly neglected.

I froze some green beans. We did some quick grocery-shopping.

It was a good day, as are most of my days.

Oh, I see a neighbor who checks in on my blog often finally took the time to actually read a few entries! Welcome, Classicnet neighbor. I wondered when you'd spend some time here.


Paula said...

Enjoy your road trip.

m.v. said...

we'll be going in your general direction on the way to chigago this saturday. have fun on the road trip.

DesLily said...

wow.. that sure was a nice neighbor!!..
but if you ever have "to many tomatoes and want to give some to someone".. I'm here and willing! .. I mean, know.. just in case lol

Donna said...

M.V., we're not going nearly as far as you; we're just going across the river from Hannibal to a tractor show. We may be traveling the same road, though... 24 highway most of the way. We'll probably be leaving later than you are, since Cliff doesn't get home from work till 4 A.M.

anjelblaze said...

Mo, an interesting life.Glad you get to do all of these things.Am just starting to eat 'maters again. gonna try a garden next year

Hyperblogal said...

After Green Day stop in at Chubby's on Broadway or hit Winsteads just east of the Plaza and give their shakes/malts a try.....