Saturday, August 22, 2009

State Fair, cousins, and apples

I like lots of variety in my day, and this day took the cake.

Cliff's cousins wanted to get together in Sedalia at one o'clock, at Golden Corral. We rode the bike. But since the Missouri State Fair is going on through tomorrow, we went early and walked around the fairgrounds for three hours.

This little guy couldn't have been over five years old... my guess is four. But he was leading this cow all over the place. Cute, huh?

Then I watched a half-hour program put on by a conservation agent guy, and learned a lot about Missouri snakes and turtles.

That guy? He's one of Cliff's cousins. Now you know what sort of family I really married into; thank goodness my children turned out normal; I assume they took after my side.

And to make a perfect day even better: thanks to the recent cool temperatures, the Gala apples are ready. We got a half-bushel of seconds for five bucks and put them in the trunk of the bike. They are SO good!


Fernan said...

Somebody did a fantastic job training the cows horns. Brown Swiss maybe?

Donna said...

Nope, Fern; Jersey.

Paula said...

Looks like Cliff and his cousin both married normal gals. lol The little boy leading the cow around is sooo cute.

madcobug said...

That little boy probably started leading that cow around when she was just a calf so she is used to him.
Anyway, great pictures. Glad that you two had a good day. Those apples look good. Helen