Friday, August 14, 2009

Karaoke with eggs and ham

For those of you who don't participate in Facebook, I'll need to explain that you can "become a fan" of various things: Your favorite TV show; an actor or actress you might admire; your favorite cause or restaurant. Once you're a fan, you receive little updates or tidbits of news about that person, place, or happening.

About once a month, Cliff and I eat breakfast at Denny's in Blue Springs. Sometimes we just like to clog our arteries a little and consume lots of extra calories, you know?

So during a recent visit there, the lady who took our money at the cash register told us, "We're on Facebook now; be sure and become a fan so you can receive notice of special events and offers."

Figuring it might save me a buck or two on our next visit, I became a fan that very day.

That's how I learned that they have family-friendly "karaoke night". Seriously! I always figured karaoke was something people had to get liquored up to participate in.

They've also held a Kids' Fun Day, and they're considering having a "line-dance night". Somebody suggested a poetry night.

Alrighty then.

Somehow I just can't picture all this stuff happening at an eating establishment where breakfast is the main drawing card.

But I wish them well in their endeavors.


Amy said...

I could get plenty liquored up and still not be caught dead doing karaoke. No way, no how.

I'll take my eggs over easy with a side of silence.

Paula said...

Sounds like fun but at the Denneys closest to us I can't imagine linedancing. We used to linedance in the mall before it opened. I can see you reciting some of your poetry there.