Sunday, August 09, 2009

Family reunion!

I didn't take pictures of the reunion of my dad's family last week because there were so many people there with great camera skills. And one cousin's husband always puts his pictures on a CD and sends it to me.

But today, I took pictures. This reunion began with the descendants of David Stevens, 1825-1900: My maternal grandfather's daddy.

This picture is of his kids, mostly; although Grandma (in the back on the left) was the wife of one of his kids; Grandpa died in his fifties, so they had her stand in for him. This shot was taken many years ago. (Thanks to my cousin Pauline for putting all these wonderful old photos on

We've gathered in the Bethany, Missouri, city park for many years. Since the heat usually is unbearable on the second Sunday in August, I think we're going to be meeting in an air-conditioned building from now on.

That's the shelter-house where our reunion was held. When I was in grade school in Eagleville, we got to picnic in this park on the last day of school.

Here you see my mom's Uncle Charley's descendants. They always show up in full force.

This is my mom's cousin, Opal's, son. He was the only one of his branch of the family to show up; he started tracing our family tree many years ago.

Here you see the descendants (and spouses) of Benjamine Stevens. That's me and Cliff in back on the right (as if you couldn't tell), and my beautiful sister sitting in front of us. The lady in the yellow top is my cousin Pauline, who took up where Terry started and has traced our roots back to Pennsylvania and France! My only living aunt in the family is sitting in the center of the front row. Aunt Mary still lives in her own home.

I love taking pictures of people taking pictures!

This is Aunt Mary with her oldest grandson and his fiance.

In spite of the heat, it was a good day.


madcobug said...

Some good shots you got. Family reunions used to be so much fun, I don't they have them anymore in my family on either parents side. Helen

Kelly said...

What a wonderful reunion. I sure do miss when we had those when I was a kid. I often think maybe I should start one back up.