Thursday, August 13, 2009

Final thoughts on Green Day

Cliff and I had a discussion this morning. I told him how much I enjoyed the Green Day concert.

"Well, if I had to list ten things I would NOT want to do," said Cliff, "going to a Green Day concert would be somewhere on that list, right beside getting a root canal."

Folks, I'm telling you: the tickets cost Cliff (not me, but Cliff) a bloody fortune. He loves me, so that's OK.

I hate how irreverent the music of Green Day is. They make fun of Christians, and religion in general. I'm uncomfortable with that.

However, my God is so big that things like this do not bother Him. People have been nitpicking at Him and His Son for years. Sometimes that's how people find their truth. If your religion is so weak that it can't take some criticism, you have a problem.

So I can live with that irreverence. I don't think God ever wanted mindless puppets; if He had, Adam and Eve wouldn't have been allowed to do their dirty deeds.

I loved seeing two of my grandchildren (and a friend of theirs) singing along with the band. It was one of the highlights of my life, right along with those two years I went to Van's Warped Tour with certain grandchildren.

In the 50's when Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were on the charts, there were lots of parents who thought they were a bad influence; rock and roll was straight from the devil. My parents never paid a lot of attention to the music I liked, so I pretty much listened to whatever music I wanted, and I don't think it hurt me a bit.

Most of my beloved folk singers, the ones I listen to daily, were labeled as communists, back in the day. Even the modern ones are far to the left of my beliefs.

Surely we don't have confine our music to the kinds that reflect our own thoughts and ideals... do we?

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.

Oh yeah, to see my granddaughter's thoughts on the Green Day concert, click HERE.

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Paula said...

I have never in my life been to a concert but bet I would like Elvis or Jerry Lee . We have the next best thing though. We have a guy from our town who can play just like Jerry Lee. He plays with his feet, behind his back. He is good. Glad you enjoy doing this with your grands.