Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Living dangerously

Cliff and I are really enjoying our raw, unpasturized Bonnie milk.

Even with the cream skimmed off, it's still rich. Let's face it, skim (no-fat) milk from the grocery store tastes like it's been diluted with water by about half.

We're not really drinking more milk than we ever did, although Cliff would love to have a glass of raw milk with every meal; when he was young, that's how he drank it... from a quart jar. But we know we need to use moderation when it comes to dairy products.

Our cereal tastes so much better these days, though.

I know that city folks think it's gross to drink raw milk. After all, it came from a cow's udder, right? I hate to tell you folks, but that's where pasteurized, homogenized milk came from, too. It's just been watered down and monkeyed with.

Bonnie was vaccinated for brucellosis at the proper age, so we don't have to worry about catching Undulant Fever. If we wanted to, we could have her tested for TB by the vet yearly, but we're just not that worried about it. Our family drank raw milk from 1968 on through the '90's.

The food and drug administration declares "that raw milk in any form "should not be consumed by anyone, at any time, for any reason." You can read an article about the pros and cons of raw milk HERE. Some of the diseases associated with raw milk are "salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, yersinia, E. coli, and staphylococcus."

That information came from this article.

Of course, I still can my tomatoes without adding lemon juice. I wouldn't be afraid to cold pack my green beans, although I do use the pressure canner, because it's so much faster. The one precaution I take against botulism is to make sure I boil home-canned green beans and tomatoes for at least ten minutes when I'm preparing them for the table.

So yes, I live dangerously; remember, my husband and I ride a motorcycle, too. We all know the statistics on that subject.

My daughter has access to this blog (that's why she's listed as an author on my sidebar), so if I croak in the next day or two from drinking raw milk or going off my meds, she'll be here to let you know. Oh, and if I do happen to die an untimely death, just remember I surely did have a good time while I was here.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say that raw milk is sooo good. I cannot see any chance of a problems unless you didn't have a fridge to keep it cold. We take chances everyday and accidents happen all the time, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying life or trying out new things. Fear does crazy things to people.

m.v. said...

I never hesitated drinking raw milk when I was a kid, although it wasn't even considered dangerous. My daughter loved Bonnie's milk and she otherwise may drink a glass of chocolate milk in a month.If we make it back before the milk stops coming I am sure she will ask for it again.

madcobug said...

I wouldn't be afraid to drink raw milk if I prepared it myself or someone that I knew was clean prepared it. I forgot to mention that the recipe you posted using potatoes and Bonnie's butter, I have made some twice and they were delicious. Helen

Clayvessel said...

You are SO blessed to have raw milk! I would pay premium to have it but it is simply unavailable around here. We have been trying to find a cow to have our own and no luck there yet either.

Raw milk has nourished countless billions of people since the beginning of time. It is only recently in our "enlightened" age that it has been declared dangerous. I, and many others, vigorously disagree! It's one of the most healthy things you can ingest.

Good for you!

Kelly said...

I bought some 'pet' milk from the local farmer in Cartersville. His farm has been there forever, his Daddy and his Grandaddy owned the land and the farm. They sell eggs, cheese, milk, and sausage. I bought some of the milk and tried it. It is very good. :) I wasnt afraid, and it didnt kill me. Best sausage around too. Until people try my eggs they are lost in that department too. SO much more flavor in free range eggs. Once I convince someone, they are hooked. :) You sure do live dangerously!!! ;)

Mel said...

I've never had raw milk before, but the way you talk about it makes me want to try some!

I need to go find myself a cow in this crazy city I live in =)

Hollie said...

All I know to say is, "You Go Girl!" Live life to the fullest! Enjoy that raw milk. I grew up on it too! :)

Rachel said...

Dear readers of Mosie's blog.
I regret to inform you that my parents have both "bought the farm" by drinking raw milk and eating unhealthy (no preservatives) veggies. I wish I could tell you more, but I have to drive over there RIGHT AWAY and get all that good stuff for myself.

Faye said...

Rachel is so funny! I'm so proud of you and Cliff for living "the good life". I'm so glad you enjoy the earth and life as God has given them to you. I'm sure He is smiling too.

Lindie said...

My grandparents had a dairy farm in Michigan when I was growing up. I remember drinking milk before it had cooled in therefrigerator. Before it had separated. So rich, so good!

Celeste said...

Not sure if I would like it or not. I really do like my skim milk, maybe because I have been drinking it for 30 years.