Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm moving, a little at a time

There's a great advantage to moving within walking distance of my present home. Anytime I think of something I won't be using within the next two weeks, I can simply carry it over there.

The smallest bedroom of three is going to be my computer room, but so far it's my memory room. I've stuffed it so full of memories, I'm not sure where I'll put the computer desk when I need it.

That baby crib (considered unsafe these days) served as a bed for both my babies. Before that, Cliff's sister Charlene slept in it; and it was given to the family for her use after a fire destroyed everything they owned, so who knows how many babies used it before. My son's first tooth-prints are on both the head and the foot. I simply can't get rid of it, and now I have a place for it. The rocking chair is one my mom used daily in the nursing home where she died; it's pretty scarred up, but very sturdy. How can I get rid of my mom's last piece of furniture?

I purchased that rocking horse at a garage sale for fifty cents shortly after my first grandson was born (he's twenty-two now). It's seen hours of use by dozens of kids since then. I blogged about the library table my grandfather made, already.

See the cabbage patch kid in the left-hand corner of the crib? My ex-daughter-in-law bought that for the oldest grandson's first Christmas. He never cared for it, but his sister and all my other grandkids have played with it. His birth certificate is long-since gone, but it had him named "Luther", which is my late father-in-law's name, as it happens. I can't possibly get rid of that. The throw pillow is made from a vintage hanky from my mom's collection. The doll in pink is a replica of the doll my daughter played with when she was two, the Drowsy Doll. The kneeling white Teddy bear used to say the "now I lay me down to sleep" prayer when you squeezed his tummy. That's something else my mom had in the nursing home, and she thought it was so very cute. Just behind him and Drowsy is a made-in-Germany bear my ex-daughter-in-law bought for her son or daughter when they were stationed there.

Oh, that's just Sadie, wondering why we're spending so much time in this strange and different dwelling.

These are some drinking glasses I used as a very young child; I have no idea how old they are. Do any of my readers know anything about this type of glass? Do you think it's some sort of carnival glass?

Here's what the bottoms look like.

7 comments: said...

Wow Lots of memory's for sure!! Love and hugs Grams

CountryDew said...

Those are some very nice memories.

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, I agree lots of memories to go over while moving things. I get bogged down when I go through stuff, I just have to sit down and look at every photo album when I am dusting them so needless to say the dusting doesn't get done. I think I remember you blogging about the pillow made out of the hankies. Didn't you have a whole bag full? You will just love your new home and Sadie will get used to it. My Mom's cat still tries to go down in our basement where my parents had their apartment before we built on their present apartment on the end of the house. I ask her if she is checking out the old neighborhood! Now it's filled with grandchildren toys!

Mrs. C said...

Thank you for the tour. I love the idea of keeping your child's toothprints on the crib! :]

meesha.v said...

I hate accumulating stuff but love to read about someone else's

Muhd Imran said...

Congratulations on moving to the new dwelling.

Yes, with beautiful memories like those, I would definitely keep them too... especially that rocking chair.

Have a great weekend at your new home.

Celeste said...

Moving a little at a time is good.