Monday, May 26, 2008

There's always time for a diversion or two

Cliff's sister's husband has no real use for his Mahindra tractor while he's living in St. Louis, and he hated to think about her sitting unused, alone.

So Cliff is babysitting "Ma" until Pat's ready to use her again. Nothing is a better tension-reliever for my husband than to have a different tractor around; he likes to figure out how each one works, what makes it unique, and its strengths and weaknesses.

I've already blogged about the baby crib that Cliff's youngest sister slept in as an infant, and also was used by both my babies. Today Cliff's sister gave me three dolls that were hers as a small child; they now inhabit a special place in the crib. They're in excellent shape because, as she tells me, she never cared to play with dolls. I think they're a great addition.


Midlife Mom said...

The dolls are just beautiful and will look so nice in the crib! What a nice gift from your SIL!

Poor Cliff. Tell him it will all be worth it when all is done though.

I have to have a timer too! Can't cook without one!

Spyder said...

Yeaaa for you! But the work is never all done.

Diane J. said...

Our boys and their toys. ;o)

I never did play with dolls much either. I loved to play house though, and loved toy dishes and pots and pans.

The dolls look right at home there.

Just the thought of moving is enough to send me into a decline. I think y'all have done GREAT to have accomplished all you've done. Hopefully you'll get the worst of it done before the really hot weather hits.

Hey, any meal that I don't have to cook, especially after a tiring day of work, is welcome and a good meal!