Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sorry about that

Ummm.... that post I placed in BOTH my blogs about cell phones and the do-not-call list?

Snopes says it's false. I had one comment and one email making me aware of this. I guess it's a rumor that's circulated for some time in emails; I just wasn't familiar with it, and the source from which I got the information yesterday was one I trusted.

Anyhow, I deleted that post.

In moving from one house to another, I found a lot of things I've saved for years, some out of sentiment and some because, for one reason or another, they're unique.

During the flood of '93, my husband's brother, Phil, lived up the road in Lexington, Missouri, where drinking water was contaminated by floodwaters. Anheuser-Busch put wholesome drinking water in 12-ounce cans and distributed it to people in the area who needed it.

That was in 1993; this is 2008. For fifteen years I've kept two six-packs of water under an extra bed upstairs. Kids playing house up there have battered the cans somewhat; a couple are even split open. I think the cans are much thinner than those holding beer or soda pop.

I'll take a better quality picture for myself to keep, and those cans of water will go bye-bye.


Rachel said...

Those cans do look kind of thinner than the regular ones, but those might be a collector's item if you hold onto them long enough?!

Rachel said...

Yep, I just looked on E-Bay and there is one listed for $9.99 right now and it's an later year than yours!

Midlife Mom said...

Amazing the things we keep!

Rachel said...

Wow, another Rachel. I looked up and thought "I don't remember commenting on this entry. LOL


Biker Betty said...

We have moved too, but I haven't found any cans of water, lol. I'm such a pack rat (shhh...don't tell my husband) and I'm hating have to part with a few things, but it's feeling good to get lighter.

Luckily, a boy scout troop we know is having a garage sale next weekend and will inherit all of what is worthy to give away. If it's not good enough for them, then I'm throwing it away.