Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This entry would have been on AOL....

AOL isn't allowing pictures to be posted on journals. It was for just such misbehavior on their part that I started this blog, and at this rate I'll eventually be doing all my blogging here.

We have a wonderful nephew who lives in Peculiar, Mo. He came visiting Saturday for the specific reason of helping us. He'd called Cliff a few days earlier and told him he and Trevor, his son, would be here. Above, he's helping Cliff put a new shelf in my laundry room.

However, when we woke up Saturday morning to pouring-down rain, Cliff said, "Scotty won't be coming in weather like this." So around 11 A.M., we headed to Bates City Barbecue for lunch. As we were finishing our meal, we got a call and found out Scotty and Trevor were at the house waiting for us. Darn it! We should have checked in with him before we left; we would have loved to have bought their dinner.

A side note: The reason for Bates City Barbecue was that every local TV station was featuring Memorial Day barbecue marathons. That planted a seed in our minds and appetites. We're that way, easily influenced by the power of suggestion.

This is Scotty's Rhino. It became our limo for the day, and saved Cliff at least 50,000 steps. Trevor acted as our cabbie, running us from the trailer to the old house.

In between trips, Trevor entertained himself with some sort of video game. This boy is such a gentleman, and so grown-up to visit with. He is a chip off the old block, and we love him. Sadie relaxed at his feet.

It wasn't all work: The three guys took the Rhino up and down our steep banks, just to see what it could do. Cliff was very impressed. Oh, they also found out our two calves had crossed the fence to visit a neighbor's herd. Local mushroom hunters (not the usual suspects... most likely boys we know who should have known better) had tied up the barbed wire fence to access our property more easily and left it tied up so that all the cattle had to do was stroll through.

It was easy to get Secret home, since she's halter-broke. However, her buddy, Meatloaf, isn't that tame. He's still with the neighbors cows. I suppose I'll eventually call them, but we have so many things going on, we're inclined to let him stay. No great loss. And Secret really doesn't seem to miss him that much.

Anyway. Scotty and Trevor spent the whole day here, and all they got was peanut butter for lunch and cheeseburgers and hot dogs for supper. I'll make it up to them one of these days.


Spyder said...

Cute rhino!

Rachel said...

In reading your last few posts it sounds like you are making progress on moving. I hope Cliff can relax soon and not work too hard!

So sweet of your nephew to come and help!!

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, that is so nice of your nephew to come and help out! We have a Rhino to get around the property and they are so handy. Fun too, our son and DIL have one and we all go on trails in the summer and fall.