Monday, May 19, 2008

grow, little trees

Cliff and I planted twenty-five Norway Spruce trees last month. It was a hard job, since most of the holes had to be dug at least two feet deep. Poor Cliff. Thank goodness we'd had a lot of rain, so the ground wasn't rock-hard.

Up until four days ago, I honestly thought all the trees had died. Then I saw little green buds on a couple of the trees.

Can you see them?

In a couple more days, a few of the trees looked like this. So I figured we had at least half-a-dozen out of twenty-five that would survive.

But today I'm seeing green buds here and there on other apparently dead trees. I have hope!

We have another twenty-five trees on their way... and it hasn't been raining so much lately. Wish poor Cliff luck; I can help him with a lot of the task, but I'm no good at digging. I have no knee power to push down on the spade.


Midlife Mom said...

I have planted so many trees in my lifetime. Every place that I have lived I have put in trees that I have dug up somewhere. I just love trees and now we have gazillions of them out back, wish there were more out front for more privacy but I'm out back more anyway. During the big ice storm of 1998 we lost about 40 trees around our house. :o( Yours look really healthy!

Muhd Imran said...

What a wonderful feeling to see that your hard work is alive and growing.

I love gardening... its therapeutic, but only in pots since ordinary people in Singapore do not own land and live in apartment buildings.

That is why the yearn for locals to have vacations mostly to wide-open spaces where horizon is visible.

25 more to come. Will be interesting times for you and hubby.