Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just imagine....

Picture yourself with a small child or two that you plan to see to adulthood. Now imagine that you suddenly find out you have an illness that could very well be terminal.... such as inflammatory breast cancer.

I'm reading two blogs written by women in that exact position.

"Just Enjoy Him: Ramblings of a Mid-Life Mom"


"Toddler Planet".

May God allow them to live to see their grandchildren. When I read their blogs, my petty little problems fade into nothing.

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BarnGoddess said...

how sad. I hope they beat it. cancer sucks! I just went to the MD yesterday and all my blood work looked good cept for my sugar (thats normal) I was VERY thankful.

A friend just was diagnosed w/ breast cancer and has started her 1st chemo. I'll be there for her. No one should have to go thru it-grrr

I hope Secret is preggers! I got a kick out if that post

Stacey said...

I cannot even think about it, Donna, it has been very real in my life, as you know. You said it better than I could have, I will pray for the same thing in their lives. xoxo

Judy said...

Thank you so much, Donna. YOu are very kind.