Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My new cell phone

Just guessing, I'd say I've been a cell-phone user for about four years. I doubt if I average receiving more than three calls per week, because I've made everyone I know aware of the fact that I hate to talk on the telephone... any telephone.

Perhaps you're wondering why, then, I need a cell phone.

Well, I ride my horse alone in rather secluded places; Cliff felt I needed a way to get help if Blue should step into a hornet's nest and toss me. He'd been carrying a cell phone around for some time (and using it quite a bit, I might add). So just for him, I joined the masses and became a cellular phone user.

Every time we get to the point in our contract where I can get a different phone practically free for simply extending our T-Mobile service by a couple of years, I'll buy a new one. I'll try it out awhile, then end up passing it on to Cliff or a grandchild because, you know, I can't figure out how to use it. I even got one that was an MP3 player; couldn't understand how to load music onto it and finally gave up. I think that might be the one the son-in-law uses now.

So all this time, I've been using the very first cell phone I ever had.
Which I mainly use only to call Cliff when we're in Walmart, shopping in different areas; or to call him in to dinner when he's working outside or in the shop. Or to chat when he's at work, taking his lunch break.

It was only within the last month that I learned how to give each person who might call me (all six of them) a different ring-tone, so I'd know who was calling before I even looked at my phone. And I had to have my daughter's help to get that done.

I'm a ring-tone junkie. Yeah, I order new ones sometimes: snippets of old songs, sung by the original artists.

So I recently decided, once again, to order a new phone. My old one works fine, but it's showing wear. I know, I know. An old lady like myself should show more common sense: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without".

But here I am with another phone that I don't know how to use. Oh, I can send and receive calls, but that's about the extent of it. I'm sure, though, that a grandchild will be able to help me out with it. I refuse to pass this one on!

I called T-Mobile once I got my new phone charged up and ready, and asked the man on the other end if I could somehow get the ringtones I'd purchased over the past couple years; they were on my other phone. The man patiently sent them to my new phone, one at a time. Eight of them. T-Mobile has the best customer-service representatives ever.

Now if I only knew how to assign my tunes, or even how to make one of them my current ringtone.

But hey, I can listen to the first line of "Say You, Say Me" any time I want! Or even "Take Me Home, Country Roads"!

There's no fool like an old fool.


loopymamain06 said...

I'm ready for a new phone, mine is 4 years old and really out of date....really...:) loopy

Sugar said...

i have no ideal how to use one either, i had a disposable one for when i had a car, so if i broke down i could call for help, we know i couldn't walk. never used it. when the car went so did the phone. lol

Anonymous said...

since my gang lead such busy lives...could I borrow one of the grand daughters to help me out with my phone...I can call...and receive...but would like to learn how to text...hmmm...maybe I should drop by Tmobile...get a quick lesson...??? you go girl..for an "old???" do just fine...hugs...Ora

Danny said...

My phone can do just about anything but all I really use is the text messaging. I also hate talking on the phone so if I'm not sending my wife a text message my phone is basically a paper weight.

Pamela said...

I have T-mobile, too. I've always had really good service from them. Last month I got a new phone and it even has a camera on it! I downloaded 2 new ringtones and like you, I'm hooked! LOL!
Cliff is right, it is a good idea to carry it with you on your long rides.

Kelly said...

We have T Mobile also, and have always had great service and friendly help. We arent under contract anymore but we have such a good plan and a good price we stay with them. We still have our phones we originally got when we switched from Cingular. When we added Shelby and her free phone I loved her new phone, but like you, I can't quite figure out all the new stuff on

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh.. I don't have a phone. But I use my dh's when ever he thinks I need one. Going to the big city with all the kiddos while he is at work, or something. I'm a phone-o-phobe, I think. I hardly ever talk on the phone. I e-mail all my friends -- frequently, but hardly ever call anyone. I hardly ever used mine when I had one, so we dropped the 2nd line to save money.

Calfkeeper said...

Ha. This is funny. I had one of those Tracfone dealys for when I went to the West Coast this past spring, but it expired. I haven't renewed it yet. I want to get one for emergencies though. When it's a potential 8 mile hike back home lugging a toddler if we should have a breakdown, a cell phone is a good idea.

Nance said...

Donna....those ringtones are fun. I make my own. It's a blast ! I just take a song that 'fits' a person's name or personality and edited in my little MP3/WAV editor. Then just transfer it to the phone over the bluetooth feature between PC and Phone etc. I've probably got about 15 of 'em on there now. LOL.

I'm glad you have the phone....especially when you are out riding alone etc.

Take care...and 'hi' to Cliff !
Nance in CA

madcobug said...

We have done away with our monthly cell plan and now use the pay as you go phones. Works well for us. Helen

Hollie said...

Well we have Verizon & I can't say that their service is that good.....I always hate having to deal with them.... I'm sure the grand kids will help you son has to help me from time to time...LOL

Sheila said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses the cell phone to find my husband when Have a great day, Sheila