Monday, October 27, 2008

Interesting stuff

Pioneer Woman has an entry today that made me think hard about who I am. You can go over there and read the whole thing, but it boils down to what she asks her readers to do: "What are your five adjectives? How would you answer, with a list of five items, the question “WHO ARE YOU?” Go ahead and scrape the depths of your psyche. You need to let it out."

What she's saying is, use five adjectives (or nouns) that describe you.

Check out the hundreds of comments there, and notice how many people use their relationships to describe themselves. "Wife, mother, sister, friend...". Somehow that doesn't tell me the essence of a person. Or does it?

Food for thought.


Sonya said...

Well, hmmmm...a MOM, for example, describes what you do and for some maybe that is all they consider as far as "who they are". In our "about me" sections on the blogs we usually put that to identify ourselves. Relationships are indeed an accomplishment. I would have opted for some type of personality description myself. lol

Ora said...

well I will tell my five here on your comments... ok...
1. low self esteem
2. a hesitant person
3. tries to please
4. easily hurt - feelings etc
5. old

you wanted got it.. LOL...hugs and God Bless...Ora

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I have to go and read my about me section and see if I need to re-discribe myself again...
'On Ya' - ma

Hollie said...

I guess I've never thought about it like that!

Fawteen said...



(Donna, that's a nice way to say BHNP...)

Paula said...

1. Love life. 2. Honest. 3. Daring. 4. Should take up for myself more (what one word describes that?) 5. Good Listener.

Traci said...

I liked that entry. Rather deep for Ree, huh?! LOL