Sunday, October 26, 2008

Google searches leading to my blog

Thanks to my sitemeter, I'm able to see what brings people to this site.

The most common Google query leading here is "How long can a cold last". That's because of THIS POST, done almost two years ago.

The second Google search leading here has to do with ticks, and I do believe that every day, several people look at THIS POST and a picture of a tick bite I had on my back that caused the doctor to give me antibiotics, in case it was Lyme disease.

Since I did an entry about stimulus checks the other day, that's another item that brings people here from Google.

I usually get people looking for "how to build a round pen" (don't do it the way we did, by the way) and "hard-to-catch horses" (get yourself a horse that doesn't run when you walk out to get them... that's all you'll learn from me).

Of course there's the ever popular "Blue Springs Walmart" search, which leads folks to my Walmart rant. I set out to be at the top of the Google page for that search, and by george, I did it. I'm right below the commercial ad for Walmart, and have been ever since I made that entry.

Sitemeter can disappoint a person sometimes. Let's say you have two hundred visitors in a day, and figure you're getting pretty darned popular. Then you look at the details and see that most of them visited for zero seconds. That'll burst your bubble.

By the way, Blogger has a feature that would let me be omitted from Google searches, but that's no fun. It would destroy my illusion of having dozens of devoted followers.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is very interesting and sorta fun to know too. I don't know what my stats are, but I love blogging and enjoy the visits from my friends on line. 'On Ya' - ma

Midlife Mom said...

I don't know how to use my sitemeter except for the e-mail that comes occasionally telling me the numbers. Don't know if I have been googled or not. Have to check into it, sounds like fun.

Loved the clip that Ron Howard did even if I don't agree with his politics. It was fun seeing the three of them together again.

No the T-rex isn't a place for a nice quiet dinner. It's loud like the Rainforest Cafe and I thought I'd go crazy by the time I got out of there but the kids loved it. I know they will want to go there every time we are in Florida. :o(

Hollie said...

that's very interesting...

Ora said...

the Site sounds like a fun thing...but not sure I would enjoy it much..I think it would destroy any illusion that "blogging" is a way of life for me LOL...but I can understand why folks flock to your blog...we are never disappointed in what we make life fun...and might be a loner...but you have a way with making folks happy!!! God Bless...hugs...Ora

nanlynska said...

You GO Girl.....Your site is always a source of humor and just plain ol', right on, 'down-to-earth' observations. No pretense....just good readin'. Good food for thought. Don't back down....stand your ground Donna. Hang in there and blog blog blog !! LOL.

Take care my friend.....Nance in CA

Sonya said...

Well if you saw my site meter for 2 seconds yesterday it's because I'm ADD and saw your site meter which made me want my own site meter and so off I went to the site meter website. lol lol lol
Anyway these feed tools are really interesting. lol

Marlene said...

I always enjoy reading what you write, Donna. Maybe I am living my life thru you and your Country Life. Marlene

Becky said...

I like looking at my sitemeter stats too. The searches are really funny! The things people go looking for...yikes.

Joyful Days said...

I love to see why people visit my blog. My best ones are searches for lasagna recipes and rubber stamp organizers.