Sunday, October 01, 2023

Sunday Stealing

Another stolen meme

1. the last song you heard
     What a Friend we Have in Jesus (at church)
2. the last food you ate
Leftover cold Kraft mac and cheese in the pan because I hate to waste food.

3. the last drink you had
     Hot tea

4. the last line in a book/newspaper or magazine you read
"Asher very slowly wilts toward the table, pressing his cheek against it, as if all the will to fight has gone out of him."  From the book Mad Honey

5. the last movie you saw
I don't recall.

6. the last tv-show you watched
     I'm watching football today

7. the last news you read about your hometown 
    From the Facebook community page:
You can sign up for this event now! Come join in on community and cooking! The Craft Fair and Tractor Show will be on the same date!
No photo description available.

8. the last photo you took with your phone, with a little explanation
Me showing off my 7-inch-long radishes... but I didn't take it.

9. the last video you watched on youtube
An acapella version of "Let Him Have His Way With Thee" because I hadn't heard it for years and wanted to see what the words were. 

10. the last thing you brought in the supermarket
     Fish fry stuff, 2 zucchinis (for ratatouille) and Louisiana Fish Fry New Orleans stye breading mix (Our grandson has become quite the fisherman). 

11. the last time you were on an airplane
     Three years ago when we flew to Georgia to visit      our son and his family

12. the last long drive in a car
     What do you consider a long drive?  We drove         one hundred miles to a cousin's funeral.  That's            quite a trip for us these days.

13. the last telephone conversation you had
    My sister

14. the last letter you wrote
    Oh my, that's been awhile.  I don't know.

15. the last concert you attended
   Whisperin' Bill Anderson, I thinkHe says he won't be doing any more live shows except for the Grand Ole Opry once in awhile.  He's 85 years old.


  1. So glad you spoke with your sister. Those calls are precious.

    1. Actually, she, her son and his wife, her grandkids and great grandchildren came to Kansas City to go to the Royals baseball game. They rented a big house (VRBO), and invited us to go over and eat breakfast with them; her daughter-in-law made a big breakfast. My sister is in great shape. It was SO good to see her.

  2. Those are some radishes! What do you think of "Mad Honey?" I'm not a Picoult fan but many have recommended it.

    1. Well, it's keeping me on the edge of my seat, and I'm actually learning a few things beyond honeybees. I don't normally care for her either; this might be the second book of hers that I've read.

  3. I bought a radish like that at the Asian market the other day. It's the spiciest vegetable I've had in a long time

    1. I don't really care for radishes, but my husband loves them. He ate a LOT of those big ones through the summer, and says he prefers them to the smaller red ones.

  4. What do you do with radishes of that size?😳

    1. Eat them raw like any radish. I don't like them, personally. I have a friend who was born in Ukraine, and he told me how to pickle them. I liked them better than raw radishes, but not enough to make them again.

  5. I was watching the KC Chiefs playing the NY Jets in NJ. I record it, and if I ccan avoid knowing the score, it's way faster than watching in real time!

    1. We used to do that with DirecTV, but we got rid of that to save money. Cliff hates having to sit and watch the commercials because he was used to fast forwarding.

  6. those are amazing radishes!

    I am surprised how few people actually write letters. I write so many!


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