Monday, October 02, 2023

Turnips for breakfast

If my mother hadn't had the habit of adding sugar to certain things, I probably would never have liked turnips.  They have a little sweet taste all their own, but not enough to make up for their smell and strange taste.  Mother made a white sauce to put them in, and added sugar.

Turnips are best planted in late July or August and can be picked when they're big enough.  You have to harvest them before there's a freeze.  Many people eat turnips raw.  They are related to cabbage, kale, and broccoli.    

My biggest turnips weigh just under one pound.  I brought two of them in yesterday to have for my breakfast.  Cliff doesn't like them at all, but in turnip season I eat a lot of them.  I tried for years to make my cooked turnips taste like my mom's, and got pretty close, but not quite.  I googled recipes for turnips and finally found one that was similar to what I ate as a kid:  Thanksgiving turnips, on  

I had a big bowl full of cubed turnips for breakfast this morning.  My mom didn't cube them, she sliced them like you do potatoes, before you fry them; I think I prefer her method, and will slice them next time.

Turnips have vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin K, potassium, folate, and antioxidants.  They are low in calories and high in fiber.  And "just a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down".

Turnips have been grown for over 4,000 years.  They were a staple food in Europe during the middle ages, and arrived in America with the early European settlers.

From the garden

to the house

To the pan

to my mouth

Oh, and by the way, I got signed in to my blog on Google Chrome again, in my comment section.  When I looked down at the comments on yesterday's blog and started to answer one of them, I noticed the drop-down thing where I could sign in with my Google account.  Silly me.  Sure enough, when I did that, I went back to my blog and saw I was still logged in.  Yay!  But will I remember what to do if it happens again?  Probably not.   


  1. I'm glad that my answer apparently solved your problem. Sometimes diagnosing things like that is hard to do over the internet when you can only read and see what others are showing you.

    I have eaten turnips over the years, cooked and raw but have never raised them. They look like another good cover crop for a garden to add organic matter and some meals to boot.

    1. For sure. They don't usually do well in spring, but in the fall they do well, even without much water.

  2. Love turnips and rutabagas! My Mom cooked them just like yours though she mashed the rutabagas! Not easy to find in my Price Chopper!

  3. My ex used to put cooked turnips in egg scrambles and I thought they were tasty! I'm glad the commenting thing is figured out.

  4. My grandmother always cooked them diced and with the green top, and a hamhock. Served with pepper sauce. They always tasted bitter to me. Since I planted some, we shall see what happens with a sweet approach!

  5. I love turnip greens: washed and cooked down with smoked ham bits, and the turnip diced up in them. Sooooo good with a pone of cornbread!

  6. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I love turnip greens: washed good, cooked down with ham pieces, and the turnips diced up in them. I cook a pone of cornbread to crumble up in them with a little pepper vinegar sprinkled on my individual serving. They are so good. This is Carlene, Mosie.

  7. I am missing your Sunday stealing or whatever it’s labeled.

    1. I don't always do them. Sometimes the questions are just silly, and I don't do them.


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