Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My life is an open book... sometimes

As long as the readers of this blog were scattered across the country, and even the world, I never worried much about all the information that comes spewing from my fingertips. Mostly just Internet friends and a smattering of cousins were my regular readers, and that was fine.
I have been pretty careful of what I say here about neighbors, because you know what they say about paybacks.
I've left some very interesting stories out of my blog, even illustrated stories, because it would be an invasion of someone's privacy.
My Sitemeter tells me that I've picked up a couple of readers who live nearby. I've always had one who peeks in once a day or so, but evidently that's one of the neighbors who can't read, because he always stays here zero seconds.
Today a different neighbor spent quite a while reading here, going back over old entries; and it got me thinking: do I really want to put all this out there for people who might know me in real life? Let's face it, if I'm writing this gibberish, and acquaintances are reading it, I am setting myself up to be judged. Because they know all the stuff I'm not telling. They've heard me ranting and raving at trespassers, for instance. Oh yes, the stories they could tell!
So today, I thought about making this a private journal, which only people who have been invited could read. I did not think about it for long, though. I enjoy connecting with new people too much to do that.
I'll be continuing as always.
Welcome, neighbors!
For those of you enjoying my mother's story: her brother, my Uncle Paul, also wrote about his life. So at some future time, I may serialize his story here. I'll have to get permission from his daughter first, though.


Lindie said...

I am enjoying reading your mother's story so much!

madcobug said...

At least I told you why I was going over back entry's LOL. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't have a site meter that lets me know who is and who is not reading my journal and that is probably for the best. You never really say much about individuals except for your family so I wouldn't worry about it either. I hope you get permission for the uncles story...It makes for good reading. I appreciate you posting your mom's and reminding me once again how good my life really is.

Sugar said...

been enjoying your mothers story. {}
i don't really worry about people reading mine, except now & then i wonder what son, dil, & gkids would think if they read it. lol

Meadowlark said...

I wonder if the zero seconds is when a feed reader reads your blog. I've never known how I show up.

If you leave, please invite me. I don't have much intelligent to say, but I enjoy your words.

Peace to you, my friend.

Donna said...

No Meadowlark, it's not a feed reader. it's someone in my town, which is a small town indeed. I have no plans to go private, nor any concrete reason to do so.

Hyperblogal said...

My stat counter has the following:
"If you only install the StatCounter code on one page of your website and your visitors never reload that one page. Then your visit length will always be less than 5 seconds! It is highly recommended to install the same code on all pages of your website you want to track."

That may be what is happening to you. Not sure though.

ingasmile said...

I am glad you decided not to go private! I do enjoy reading.


MissKris said...

I've been noticing more coming from the Portland area to read my blog, too. I have absolutely no idea how anyone finds me unless I tell them personally and I do that very, very rarely with anyone I know face-to-face. A while back a blog writer from Oregon City whose blog I used to read wrote about shopping at her local Goodwill and a stranger approached her and asked her if she was Mrs. Darling, the screen name she uses. Kind of took Mrs. D back a step or two, ha! That's why I rarely post photos of myself. I keep all family members generic now except for the grandboys' names. I don't know how much longer I'll post photos of them, either.

Debbie said...

I'm looking forward to reading your Uncle Paul's life story if you decide to share it with us. I love reading about others memories.

I always wondered what type of information was found on the sitemeter. I'm a lurker in a lot of blogs and like to read the comments too,(I've found some very good blogs that way) so I sure hope folks don't think I'm a stalker when I show up on their sitemeter.

I'm glad that you didn't go private.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I've posted about a neighbors dog who bit me... hoping they WOULD read my blog. LOL So far the dog rules.

It often surprises me when older ladies at church say on Sunday, "I read your blog blah, blah, blah." LOL We think we are anonymous... funny.

Lori said...

I'd love to read your uncle's story too. I've thought about going private but decided against it. Until there is some specific need to, I'll stay public.