Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Another nice day

We took Gabe to the groomer today. For his first two years of going to Bed and Bones, he didn't want to stay there when I tried to leave, but I noticed he protested a little less each time. Now all I have to do is ask him at home if he wants to go to Bed and Bones and he starts running and jumping and whining; he is READY TO GO! When I take him in, the lady opens the gate that goes to the grooming area and he doesn't even look over his shoulder. He can't wait to play with all his friends. On our way to Bed and Bones he watches the road closely, and when we turn off the highway, he whines continuously for the last four miles, tail wagging like crazy.  When I take him it, it's like he's saying, "OK, ladies... Elvis is in the building!"

Meanwhile, Blue the cat is having a very peaceful day, napping his time away without his partner in crime here to aggravate him.  He slept on the couch for a couple of hours, then got down and climbed to the top of his cat-tree in the corner of the living room and went back to sleep there.

I think we've found the creature that attacked Blue twice:  It's a wild tomcat that sneaks up here when he knows it's time for me to feed my cats.  When Blue and Mama Kitty see him waiting in the dark, they stop eating and find safety.  Blue goes in his igloo cooler house, and Mama goes and sits on the banister rail as he comes up to eat their food.  They are scared to death of the Devil Cat, as I call him.  If he'd been nicer, I might have considered feeding him, but not now.  He cost me a lot of money the two times he tried to kill Blue.  If Mama Kitty would step inside to eat, I'd just feed my two cats inside.  However,  she has no desire to be trapped inside a house.  I carried her in, but when I put her down, she panicked; so I picked her up, took her to the door, and let her out.  

I made potato soup today, and it was the best I think I ever made... or maybe I was just extra hungry.  There's plenty for tomorrow, too.  We've had a lot of soup lately, but never seem to get tired of all the varieties, from chili to turkey frame soup to beef stew and beyond.  And with meat of all kinds doubling in price thanks to inflation, soup doesn't break the bank; a little meat goes a long way.    

It's another day in the fifties, but there's a chance of snow this weekend, so our up-and-down weather is still happening.  

Well, we went and got Gabe, so he's home.  I didn't get him to pose very well in the pictures, but here he is.

That's all for today.


  1. I love soup at this time of the year and potato is one of my favorites. That's upsetting about the Devil Cat. I wish there were a better way to protect against him.

  2. Aww, Gabe looks so handsome. Perhaps spraying Devil Cat with a water pistol when he hunkers down over the food?

  3. We too eat quite a bit of soup this time of year. In fact, for today I have my choice of leftover French Onion or Beef n Barley soups.

  4. That stray cat is probably starving to death, Donna. Please feed it too. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  5. Gabe looks so handsome all groomed up.
    I too, have not one but 2 stray cats here, and they have attacked my cat numerous times. Someone told me to get a BB gun and it won't hurt them badly but should keep them away. I will look for one next time I'm in town.
    I love soup too. Now i want more Wendy

  6. Gabe looks very nice. You take such care of him!


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